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    Default My absence and things

    I am traveling a bit end of this month, work and personal trips, so won't be on much. I'll be back on 28th for a few days, then another work trip. After that I should be back for awhile.

    P.S. Also this is *not* related to 2slow work trips
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNT009 View Post
    P.S. Also this is *not* related to 2slow work trips
    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds like something who's after 2slow would say.

    Anyway, have fun with those trips.

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    OMG!!! poor 2slow!! .. like the President saying Fake the news has commercials that they are REAL NEWS!!!! LOL!!!

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    My week was wild in Seattle. Home until Tuesday and it is back to Portland.

    I hope your trips went well TNT.

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