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Thread: JB vents

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    Lightbulb JB vents

    Current rule:
    As a guard, you must NOT
    Damage vents or go into them unless you hear/see/suspect a prisoner has gone through (do not camp vents).

    Change to...
    Damage vents or go into them unless you or a fellow ct has SEEN a prisoner has gone through, or if you see it open. (do not camp vents).

    On many maps the vents are extremely loud. Some examples would be arcade (armory vent) and spy v spy. Especially on spy v spy CTs can pursue vent through armory just from hearing it being hit.
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    Nah.It would be super awkward as a CT.You hear vents break but wait you can't do anything about it and you just sit there and wait to get shot in the head.

    I think Tethys would like this rule because he already enforces it.

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    Well if you hear it you obviously have reason to go check it, then you can pursue...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples People View Post
    Well if you hear it you obviously have reason to go check it, then you can pursue...
    You just said that u wanted it to be so ct's can only persue if they see them go in there, now u say they can if they hear it.

    I s N t T h A t T h E s A m E r U l E ?
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    you misunderstood what I said you can check the vent that you heard break to see if its open and if it is then you pursue

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    The rule is fine the way it is, going into a vent is always rebelling so you are taking a risk doing so. If you get caught knowing that CTs can hear you break it, what did you expect? -1 from me :S
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    Ok I thought you wanted to change the part where if a CT says theres a rebeler you can pursue. I don't think it should get added because it's just common sense to do it, you hear a rebeler? You pursue him. You're going to have your back to the T whos in armoury? Either ways CT's are gonna stare at it. Rules should have a bit of common sense in them. For example, you hear someone shooting at you and you can't instantly just turn around and start shooting at him you have to get hit and then you can, like if you hear someone shooting at you first thing you will do is turn around and shoot back or take cover. This is a really bad example, I know.

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    Promotes camping this is one of the few exceptions that I say the rule is fine, if you hear the vents break you can pursue them from another place
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    Hello @Peoples People

    You are probaply still wondering about this rule and why you want it to get a change. so let me start.

    so you want the rule changed because as a guard you can go through armory vent when you hear the vent breaks, on some maps. or else we will go to that cell and push into it to pursue the vent am i right about that?

    or do you mean you want it change that the guards can not pursue armory vent? and they have to phycially see it? for what i seeing you write is that you want it changed but then you say you can go through because you hear it, so there its confusing.

    an for all others by saying its rebelling yeah ofcourse it is, you will get shot and die if you get seeing, for i dont see the problem by guards breaking the vent to catch a rebeller its logic and common sense to do, so tell what you want to be changed, for other stuff i have seeing is that you go back to what everyone else is saying, so you dont really want it to be changed anyway, so there is alot of confusion for you and others that dont understand what you mean

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    @BeastTheNinja His concept is that he'd like it to be where you have to see the vents broken to pursue. If you hear the vents break you have to visibly see they're broken. The attempt is to give more time to rebel through the extra time needed to check the vents cause he finds the current way doesn't give a fair chance at utilizing vents to rebel.

    Personally I disagree. You destroy the concept of jailbreak if you make rebelling as easy as not.
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