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    Default Guess whos back!

    What's up eGO! Guess whos back! For those of y'all that don't know me i'm Reign, or some of y'all know me as my old username which was Zephyr. Yeah im back for now at least haha.

    Basically, I'm trying to get into photoshop even more recently and I wanted to offer free profile pictures and signatures for y'all. Just comment what theme you want and colors if you wanna be specific and I'll check them over time and get back to you in DM's.

    See y'all later!

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    Welcome back bro!

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    =(e)= 05 May 2017
    =(eG)= 02 Sep 2017
    =(eG)= Removed 10 Oct 2017
    =(e)= Added back 11 Oct 2017
    =(eG)= 01 January 2019
    =(eGO)= 21 April 2019

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    wassup noob
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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