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    Default Downgrading other cars.

    So these last few days, some troll has been goiing around, not even RPing, just straight up stealing multiple mclarens which cost over 200k to upgrade, bringing them down to the shop and downgrading them, making us pay to upgrade again, they have been locking picking, doing crap roleplay to kill you asap befor you can lock car, and waiting for you to DC/session to steal the car, what im trying to do, is have a rule added to stop kids like this who are ruining the server, making people want to leave, this is ridiculous childish and selfish, so if we could have a rule set to stop people from downgrading peoples upgrades on there car and make it a bannable offence IDE greatly appreciate it, ive had multiple people in TS tell me there not even wanting to be on the server because of this person, making this a rule would be amazing, and i dont see any downsides to it.

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    Perhaps you should make a member report if you know exactly who is doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer View Post
    Perhaps you should make a member report if you know exactly who is doing it.
    i was told by several admins it isnt against rules. and to post here. im not 100% sure who it is.

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    In my honest opinion even though I no longer play gta (since reset cos can't connect) I'd classify what you've described as failRP/server disruption. Also listening to summer is better choice than admins if she tells you to make a report if you know who it is.

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    im pretty sure its =e= BR <-- but im not 100% i need to ask the others

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