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    Default SASP Application - knicks2346882

    San Andreas State Patrol Application
    Roleplay First Name
    Roleplay Last Name
    What is your real age?
    Discord Name
    Amonhaq #2805
    Preferred method of contact:
    Do you have a mic and teamspeak installed?
    Mic:yes.. TS3:no
    Why are you applying for this position and why do you wish to become a Emergency Services.
    I want to stop Highway crime and my passion is to become a state patrol and help the state of San andreas.
    Position you are applying for:
    Trooper - Full Time
    Have you applied to Emergency Services in the past?
    Have you ever been banned from another roleplaying server before?
    What previous roleplay police experience do you have?
    I did similar things in GtaV and Gtaiv
    Who were you referred by?
    Lifegamer042/Richard Zven
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    San Andreas State Patrol
    1500 Senora Fwy, Blaine County, San Andreas

    Mr. Haq,

    Unfortunately, I'm going to deny your application to the San Andreas State Police as you are currently under the age requirement of the SASP (We require troopers to be 16 years of age or older, with few exceptions).

    Thank you for your time.

    Lieutenant Robert Delton
    San Andreas State Police

    San Andreas State Patrol
    Human Resources Department

    Lieutenant Robert Delton. #405
    San Andreas State Police

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