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    Hi I play on the TTT CS:GO server (first join was around 24 hours ago, I think). Also mass rdmed, didn't mean to, uhhhh sorry I thought I was a traitor. Yikes. Also an introduction to show I'm just stupid not malicious. I'm already in a clan syndicate gaymers (sG) moderated TTT Gmod for a couple years later on JB and MG for CS:GO. Bigger yikes.

    I just want to play some casual ttt didn't realize I'd lost enough brain cells that even this is difficult, sorry.

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    @stabbitty If you wish to be unbanned feel free to contest your ban here
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    For reallll I see red as green so Christmas can be a whack holiday @xValence @Coder @Godzilla @Custom Stats don’t worry you can try to appeal good luck

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