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    Wink I lost a bet... and now I have to do this xD

    So... a couple of days ago, I was talking with @AnnaKittyofpie in discord, and she explained she would rather pick war, death and destruction over love... (for those who don't know from how she plays TTT, Anna prefers going for the most violent way to win a game). Anyway, I realized I made a poor choice in saying that I'd leave eGO if Anna chose love over war

    Anna Wins 1.PNG

    Through that, I accidentally started a bet, and then later today I saw this

    Anna Wins 2.PNG
    (the names aren't important, the important part is that she chose love over death here...)

    Because I didn't realize how stupid my wording was, and noticed I lost the bet, I now have to leave... but I never said for how long xD. so, because I said I had to leave, Im taking a temporary leave for 1 minute.

    For those who haven't gotten the joke yet, the only reason this thread exists is for a joke, and to prove that I did "leave" xD.

    Even if I lose, I win, Anna!

    (I still don't know how to change image sizes btw, sorry they're so small)

    Edit: Minute over, I'm back xD
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