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    Mine is the 22nd! Thanks for making this post because I'm also looking to a new computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dryden View Post
    yeah @Apt got it on lockdown, he knows his stuff.
    aside from my personal vendetta against amd, I would buy it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    Same haha, I have never really had much interest in AMD products and they haven't quite fit my uses. But, I did a recent build for a friend with a Ryzen 5 and was actually thoroughly pleased and impressed by the performance. For gamers, it's a great way to go currently!
    Honestly I've always loved AMD builds as they've had consumer grade 6 and 8 core processors for a while whereas Intel's line has until very recently stuck to their 4 cores, I myself on the day to day can work up a pretty heavy workload whilst undergoing certain tasks so it's perfect for me to have more cores to assign to certain processes so It can be better managed.

    In my opinion when it comes to gaming Intel has the edge on AMD with the majority of their line so if any you want to go down the Intel line I highly recommend the same build as I previously posted but switching out the motherboard and CPU for a Z390-A with the i5-9600K but that'll take the build up to $1106.02... Which isn't too bad I suppose.

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