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    Cool Show/Movie Recommendations?

    For me personally, the only kind of show genre I watch is either horror or anime. I know that Walking Dead has been around for awhile but just now I decided to give it a try and itís a awesome show lol. I watched like 1-3 seasons less than a week. Is there any shows or movies you guys could recommend?
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    I know this is a little late for this thread, but Designated Survivior, Blue Bloods, Lucifer, and Manifest and a few others I am watching now see good. Yeah these aren’t horror or scary they just are drama and crime fighting.

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    @Evade If you haven't seen some of the classic Studio Ghibli movies I can highly recommend those as they are some classic anime movies. (I.E Spirited Away, Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle.)

    Also there is a whole thread about animes which you can find here:
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    If you guys have Hulu, you need to check out Future Man and Letterkenney *Language warning*

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    If you have not seen kimi no na wa (Your Name) you should probably watch that :-: I don't really watch any other shows at the current moment so that my only recommendation

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    Don't have netflix so I don't know much, here's some Avanger: Infinity war, Thor Ragnorok or if you're more into does type of irl movies then watch The Blind Side.
    @Larry_Da_Lobster could you explain game of thrones to me? I've never actually watched it, only heard of it xd. Plez don't hate.
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