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    Default new profile pic for 16th birthday wanted

    so i am turning 16 soon and really would love to have a new profile pic since i have had my current one for over 3 years now and i am not good when it comes to making profile pictures so i am hoping that maybe someone that knows how to do this can maybe make me a new profile pic. some things about me - i am South African, love camping, offroading, fishing and anything world war two.
    Funniest things i have heard Summer say :
    “ ma'am ma'am! I know you look like a golf cart but that doesn't mean you can be a golf cart”
    "Ughhh can someone go to the bathroom for me. I don't want to get up or do that."
    “So what do you think of his uh...banana”
    “Grandpa! Where is your pants!”
    "I just tackled BigTram in the parking lot of the PD and never felt so ALIVE! Bed will be interesting”
    "First I ban Rekty and now trying to have an event an hr before hand"

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    Yeah man, I’m down. Just message me your discord and we will get started.
    I'm Voids

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