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    Default A very important promotion

    I want to be first to let everyone know that someone got a very important promotion today.

    Today Geroj got his G.

    Im so proud of him, it seems just like yesterday that get was getting his O.............................wait

    I think some other guy named Mikey B got a promotion to Senior Manager but it wasn't as big as Geroj.
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    Congrats new people!!! I feel like they joined just yesterday. Weird.
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    Congrats finding that G lol eroj

    Also what's that saying, "They Always Come Back" @Micheal Bolton X'D

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    Grats with a new G Geroj lol. (and grats to Mikey B as well)

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    League of Legends
    EU West: iDxwn

    Me when I'm offline. Just hoppin.

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    what the hell could be more important that you minsc?

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