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    Default Lets keep it going, Poll here

    So after reading your guys thoughts in the other thread i've come up with an idea that might work out well.

    It seems most of the people are bored with skyblock and refreshed vanilla, and most people want a "different" experience when it comes to MC. My idea would be to put up a mod pack for the time being and allow the team to work on the kingdoms aspect/idea that tea and others were keen on trying. I would also like to run at least 1 event per week possibly 2. I know its not a permanent fix but we can work towards something unique while playing a non vanilla server.
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    Would kingdoms completely replace vanilla?

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    I am wondering that too. The reason I have been so active lately is because I am looking forward to the new updates to come and don't want to play on single player haha. No doubt this will be a fun mixup, but as soon as 1.14 comes, I imagine the server will spike again.
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    when 1.14 comes out sure there will be a spike, for about a month, then wham server will be empty, on top of the fact that plugins that worked for our 1.13 server may or may not work on 1.14. Which leaves us scrambling because the number 1 complaint is that plugins are broke and we get blamed that we dont have time to fix them when simply its out of our control.

    I'm not sure that putting a ton of effort into 1.14 just so have it empty in a month is something we want to do.

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    Just a tiny suggestion, I used to play a lot of minecraft but stopped. Possibly add a faction server with custom enchants? Also to get new players you could add like the system of to get a kit you have to vote for us on 3 different pages. Usually works out for servers. Just a SMALL suggestion.

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    @Corrupted kingdoms will hopefully have kits and fun god items if things work out, it will have a feel like factions with teams and pvp, but half of our regulars don't enjoy pvp or teams so there is a section for them would be a game mode to satisfy all those needs hopefully!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry_Da_Lobster View Post
    I like kingdoms so does the Minecraft pro @xValence
    lmao why do you keep taggin him xD
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