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  • Apex Legends

    45 34.88%
  • Fortnite

    8 6.20%
  • PUBG

    15 11.63%
  • H1Z1

    6 4.65%
  • None/Other (Please explain)

    55 42.64%
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    i don't really like battle royale games, i prefer cs:go because the communication between people, there is always a new person to meet and a new conversation to have constantly :3

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    Far Cry, Dishonored, and Call of Duty have been my top 3 games. So far nothing has knocked them down and I hope it stays that way. Far Cry especially because it's become so beautiful with the graphics. Not to mention I love stealth so Far Cry and Dishonored are life for me. Call of Duty has also been a huge game for me because I can troll around to have fun with friends and try hard til I make em or myself rage quit. Another close game would have to be Halo as it is my first ever FPS and I love the older games. The newer ones aren't so bad, but I didn't like Halo 4 all too much. (Sorry for the entire paragraph xD)

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    i had to do other. world of warships all the way

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    PUBG polling higher than Fortnite. Interesting.
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    In my opinion H1Z1 is the best of all but only for raw aiming skill, Apex Legends puts all other BR's to sleep.

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    H1 was the sprout of BR, PUBG was the tag along, fortnite was the peak, apex was the attempted peak.
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    Fortnite is more fast pace which makes it my kind of game, I tried pubg, and apex legends (not fun game) and I couldn't seem to have fun with either. I think games like pubg and apex are not well developed and need more time to blossom, but while I say that I can say that Fortnite does not involve much and are just the same concept every season.
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    Honestly I want a different game besides a Battle royale. I want like another plain simple COD

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