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    I like playing vanilla. And while I play more on my own than anything else, it would be cool to see more community areas (shopping, themed districts, or projects). Maybe near spawn.

    More consistent events would be cool too. I understand keeping up with managing them is a huge commitment, and, well, people have lives outside of minecraft/EGO (crazy, right!?). I remember looking at the event schedule way back when I joined--a whole two months ago--and thinking it was pretty ambitious with daily events. Weekly, or even monthly, events would be nice to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savvy View Post
    Been a while since I've been on the server; like CrossCheck and MacArther, I've seen decisions made over time that have driven players from the server, in addition to people's lives outside of eGO getting in the way (like myself). Most of the folks I started playing MC with moved on to other games, other gaming communities, or life dragged them away for one reason or another. I like Minecraft a lot and have met many great people on our servers and TS over time from it.

    Minecraft is a sandbox game; it has many facets that can attract players; here's a few:
    Community - events, PVP, group building, etc.; a big one is just having fun with people we already know
    Legacy/status - people like to build cool things to show off; this can be divided into creative mode or grinding for resources. We've built Hogwarts, several malls, a block of skyscrapers, and plenty of other cool things over the years from giant statues to underwater dome houses.
    Economy - some people love wheeling and dealing; greed in a game based around items and looting isn't exactly far-fetched after all
    Redstone - some folks love to invent mechanisms and innovate in automated farms, doors, elevators, lighting systems, etc.; it's just fun, especially for folks in IT
    Exploration - some people just like to explore the maps and enjoy seeing what others have created

    Our server must attract people based on each of these categories and more, while maintaining that sense of community enough to retain players. Retention is where I think we have trouble; it's a sandbox game, so people get bored.

    Activity in our Minecraft servers has always been cyclical to me, outside of a few people crazy enough to play it 24/7 who have time to do so (I used to be one of these folks when I was in college); when a new map is created or new content is released (and for a while afterwards as word spreads), we get more people.

    Minecraft started in the strategy division where people grew a server from attracting players from other divisions, like myself and others from the old COD division for instance. It grew enough where it became its own division and players churned over time; we don't have many people who have played consistently for a long period of time.

    To keep interest from new players, both within eGO and without, we need to maintain multiple worlds. The system I remember working well was having an eternal creative world, a survival world that gets reset once in a while, an event world for indestructible arenas maintained by the events team, and a mine world. This may not align with how people play Minecraft anymore with the addition of realms and a heavy modding community.

    I think having a world for people to store and preserve their resources they spent time grinding that is distinct from a creative world might keep people invested in our server but it won't retain their attention as they get bored. A home world, so to speak. Picture the plot world we had when I was last playing, except not creative mode.

    To combat boredom, I suggest a regularly (maybe weekly or monthly) rotating world, like our mine worlds, except allowing players to build at will there for farming, mob grinders, etc. We could have several of these if we wanted to, one with PVP enabled and one with PVP disabled for instance. This ensures we always have the latest release's content to attract old and new players alike.

    Just my 2c; apologies for the wall of text, especially since I've been so busy with life that I haven't been able to help seed, admin, help with events, or any of the other things I used to do.

    I 100% agree about what Saavy is saying. Life has taken me away from the server and I haven't been active in the past year and a half or so as I would like. The the old community is what I used to look forward to. When it started dying off, I kinda stopped playing and went to other games. I used to enjoy having a shop/house to sell things and a small community outside of spawn to where we could all see each other, our builds. We have grown away with that with skyblock/factions to where a lot of us are more isolated and the community aspect is pretty much dead. I love those game modes, don't get me wrong, but we need to have a stronger community base to make things better again. Adding more mods and game modes might get a temporary jump on the server, but if the community as a whole isn't strong enough to keep participation up and keep things interesting, then the server will die back down again.
    When I first got on the server 6 years ago, there was an average of about 25+ people on at night, never an uninteresting moment when I got on. The events were up and majority of the people were participating when the alert went out. I understand I haven't been here to help out and can't say much, but I feel like have been playing single player because everyone has isolated theirselves and obviously because activity is so low. Bringing back the worlds and community aspect back we used to have would be my option. Also, If everyone would try to get friends to come on irl (thats how I got here originally) would help out alot too.
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    Also, for gods sake, someone make a discord and lets stop using TS3 XD

    Edit: I know that the entire community of eGO using teampeak, don't yell at me haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris15 View Post
    Also, for gods sake, someone make a discord and lets stop using TS3 XD

    Edit: I know that the entire community of eGO using teampeak, don't yell at me haha
    No one wants to use an inferior voice codec with lesser security and reliability. Someone mentions this daily but there's so many reasons NOT to dude.

    MC has text channels you can use though. In #role-assignment, type !addme-mc to see it.

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    Hey! Sorry for being a bit late, haven't really logged on to eGO's forums in a minute as I am proper busy with quarter finals and such. Basically I have a lot to input in here, and hopefully it doesn't come across any other way then helpful criticism.

    Some background: I don't want to refer to myself as a minecraft expert, as I don't really play the game itself that much without being bored, however I would call myself someone who has been around larger successful servers, and been a key part in gameplay design, and community management. For instance, Skycade, which currently has 500+ players (1,000+ on weekends), I helped the main youtuber Jack (750k+ subscribers) create their entire Skyblock gamemode, as well as ran his modded SMP. Part of this was configing, managing developers, and such. After I got bored with Skycade, I moved on to a paid management job where I designed an entire prison & skyblock gamemode from the ground up. My 'boss' spent over $1,500 just with graphics, server trailers, custom plugins, and paying the staff (including me).

    After playing the eGO minecraft server for about 3 days or so, including the launch of skyblock & factions, I realized that eGO's servers are stuck in 2013, when the competition for players was scarce, and almost anyone could have a 30+ playerbase server with just basic plugins and configing. Currently, the largest servers (Cosmic, Skycade, Hypixel, etc) all have a dedicated team behind them including staff, youtubers, developers, etc. Currently eGO has none of this. While eGO has a strong community, I can almost guarantee you no eGO or eG knows the difference between legitaura and killaura other then they are both hacks. I also believe the biggest downfall of eGO's minecraft division is how they balance their community vs pubs (what I am told to call public players). Currently whenever I suggest a change or something I believe it is mostly because it would cause a huge chasm in the current playerbase, however the problem with that is there IS NO playerbase.

    Don't get what I mean? I spent about 3 weeks developing, customizing, and attuning a state-of-the art gamemode (skyblock) for eGO's minecraft server. I spent around $100 with custom plugins, and countless hours perfecting the gameplay and adding as many custom features as I could all whilst maintaining a strict non pay2win experience, as well as accounting for DS tags, permissions, and such. Some of the features included:
    - Custom ore generation
    - Custom quest narrative
    - Custom island borders
    - Custom island wands (like world edit, but with durability, max's, and blocks must be in your inventory)
    - Tags GUI
    - Upgrades GUI (generators, island size, member count alloted)
    - Custom island shop plugin (with a nifty lookin display)
    - Fully customized plugins and message files (You couldn't name a plugin I used /s)
    - Custom crates
    - Premium builds (spawn, islands, warzone)
    - Custom Menu (Island menu, upgrade menu, warp menu, kit menu)
    - Custom Warzone
    - KoTH's
    - Envoys
    - Regen Ores
    & Much more that I don't remember

    My point is, I gave eGO every single bit of ways they could adapt to the new-age of Minecraft servers, however they chose not too. I get that you might not want to use everything I used, or to change up the color scheme, or change a bunch of language files, however not even really looking at it? However, when I presented this to a few of you in teamspeak every person in the channel loved it, and said I should really push for it. I also understand that you may loose a few players who just want to play the absolute basic gamemode, however if you want the minecraft division to thrive, and grow, you need to recognize that you have to follow the trends, or at least the BASIC trends that the overall server market is going through. I can't name a single server with as basic of features that eGO has that has more then 10 players. Plus, what better way to grow minecraft division's member count (and thus eGO's count) then to appeal to normal minecraft players who will love the many games eGO supports.

    If I were to sum this up into just one paragraph, here it is [TL;DR]:
    eGO's minecraft server is the absolute bare minimum you can get, and really represents the 2013 style of servers (when there wasn't any competition). eGO's non-pay2win and unique community is a great point to stress, however no new minecraft player will join it as it isn't advertised, and to be frank, they can go to a much larger server and a more encompassing and immersive experience that will entertain them even if other players AREN'T online. eGO needs to realize that in order to get new players, and thus keep the community going (as old players are leaving), they need to expedite their developing and features they provide.

    Sorry if this has any typo's or anything, let me know if you have any opinions on this, and please don't take this as a harsh criticism, I only spent an hour typing this up because I want to see the server succeed.

    Garrett // PickleZ

    P.S. If you want to watch the overview of the skyblock gamemode, here it is:
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