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    Default We need YOUR help!

    A breeze whistles past, while crickets chirp and a tumbleweed bounces along...

    You guys have probably noticed, as we've noticed, that server population is severely lacking. We understand, people have work/school and other things to attend to. We also understand that we've not done the best job holding y'all's attention, and for that, we're sorry :/. I know I speak for Butter and myself when I say school is a major time sucker. I also hope I speak for the rest of the team when I say we just aren't sure what you guys want.

    I am petitioning you glorious blockheads today to please, please voice what YOU want to see in the future. All ideas are welcome, and any input, be it a simple reaction or an entire paper, would be greatly appreciated. Minecraft leadership would love to sit down with anyone who has a legitimate idea so to assure that reasoning and implementation is discussed. We want to create a greater discourse between the leadership team and everyone else, because after all, in the end, this is all of our's server.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and any feedback can be put in replies to this post, a CL post, or PM'd to any member of MC leadership I hope y'all have an amazing day!
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    Not to be the downer of the whole situation, but, just two cents as someone who hasn't played the eGO server in a long time and played lots of other servers in the mean time. Please do not take it as any disrespect either towards the efforts and work that have kept the server up for a long time.

    I think MC has changed a LOT in the past few years, especially the online communities. This is applying to various games too (TF2 has a similar effect in how it has changed). Community servers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Anyone who offers an extremely unique experience with custom mods, plugins, etc, have a lot on their plate maintaining it. But their servers show that. They're established and constantly working on it, non-stop. Everyone knows that is the go-to place for that gameplay.

    When we try to replicate another servers gameplay, no one wants to come because they are already established over there. TF2 sorta sees this with 10x servers - they get weekly updates and have a full dev team. We couldn't keep that up unless we found a dev. But it would be hard to pull players from an existing spot.

    We cannot replicate that sort of thing at eGO. Tech team is generally stretched thin with various projects to improve eGO, let alone take on a massive custom project. We'd also need something unique - it would take some time to concept it, make it, test, etc. It's not an overnight thing, right?

    Back in the day, it took a fair bit of effort to get a decent MC server going. These days, it's just too easy to get a cheap realm and invite your friends to play, without the risk of a random person joining in and blowing your latest creation sky high. It does not take a VPS or dedicated server to get going with your good group of friends anymore. It's simple clicks and done. So at that point... why would I go to a community server that might have troll players, might have bugs, etc etc.

    I guess this post is a bit of a downer one. But similar to how TF2 has been the past few years, it's unreasonable to try and push a community server sometimes, when there just isn't any return, at all. The thing we've done on all of them have been great, we've made good friends and had good times. But we cannot keep trying to push stuff that lasts a week, then everyone goes elsewhere to enjoy themselves. It's just an endless cycle, it seems. We've kept some servers going for a VERY long time with random spurts of a few hours of activity, attempts to push them, but ultimately, if we haven't had much happen yet... when will it happen? It's unfortunate that this is how servers have become, but it's just the times we're in.

    Again, my apologies if this seems like a buzz kill or anything. We've had many teams put great effort into all our servers over the years and they have prospered greatly at times, but sometimes I feel we just need to move onto a new project.
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    I miss the events. but I think all people are playing on Minecraft servers nowadays are custom made minigames. These can take a lot of time to set up and are expensive to run, but its almost the only thing people are plaing on multiplayer.
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    I am going to throw my cents at this as I played for a couple weeks left because it was so boring to be alone hours on end. I posted a contact leadership on my thoughts and since this is public ill redirect it into a less raw format. If you are simply too busy t manage the server its fine and understandable but there needs to be new people to step in and push it as Simon said its so easy to set a server and server devs on a low stat level who know W/E are abundant easy to find get some new staff. Advertise constantly. Stay connected to your community throw update posts or just hang out as much as possible. The key to a successful community is staying connected at a personal level with your players while its still small. Instead of taking on more tasks finish the ones you have and fix the broken stuff run polls find out what people want. Personally farming servers tend to do really well and are a lot of fun to set up. Minecraft is hard to keep up to date with how fast updates come out that much I do know. Overall I feel there needs to be a team that can be on actively to keep it pushing forward.

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    First, Take this all with a grain of salt, I have no clue what it's like running a server, and I honestly don't plan on running one.

    I've seen the server, growth periods and all that. Advertising is one of the things that could/should be done better/more, If people don't know your name, they won't come, advertising 101.

    However, If people don't think your server is good enough, they'll move on, I've done this plenty of times and I don't regret it. Getting to know what people want on the server helps so you can cater to a core audience. And as Simon said, "When we try to replicate another servers gameplay, no one wants to come because they are already established over there." Now, a while back, CS had the first KOTH server, or something like that, barely anyone played it, not to many pubs stayed to play there, of course CS has a different playerbase with different habits, but still, there wasn't a demand, and the players didn't care for it.

    And to finish this out, a couple questions (kinda thrown together) I guess ya'll could go through are:

    Who/What is our core playerbase?
    Why do they play on our server?
    What would they like for the server? (Like, survey, not as freeform as this is.)
    How can we get regular players to keep playing and stay interested?

    New Players:
    Why would someone want to play on our server and not the countless others out there?
    How do we get some potential players on to our servers?
    How are we advertising, and how effective is it on getting new players onto our server?

    Well, these are just a couple, Thinking like a company would think to advertise say a brand would help, but I have other things to do.

    EDIT: Well, Also, FTB. the server's had it pretty well off, decent playerbase at the start of the modpack, then dwindles as people finish up with it, kinda like a product life cycle, So, make it like one (well kinda). How? you ask, well, experiment! Start a new modpack (I know, server resources are at a premium), make it something fun, but playable on most PCs. Then promote it, get people on it (not only on here, but maybe other server lists), then, see how long it takes until very few play, that's when you should throw a new modpack in (not just skyfactory). Try it, all it can do is help.
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    One more thing for me, look at our minecraft servers. They all are vanilla minecraft just dressed up a little differently. I don't know many minecraft players that when they get bored of playing skyblock go play on survival. They all go to other gamemodes like minigames or prison. I think we need a server that isn't based off of vanilla building and crafting. Going off of what LordPickleBoy said I think the best addition to our servers would be an OP Prison server, it has the grinding aspect that people like in minecraft without being a gamemode where you do things like you would do in a survival world. Prison plugins are probably the least complicated plugin based gamemode servers in minecraft as it is pretty simple to maintain.

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    I have been around for quite a while now. Started playing minecraft when Gamma (10 resets ago) was our world at the time.

    I think one of the biggest hits to our servers were:

    1. Making changes to the server (features taken away) without consulting its player base first.
    2. Not asking members what they would like to see on the server leading up to resets (new plugins).
    3. Taking away the ability to buy dragon eggs and purchase god items in the admin shop for people who couldn't attend events due to family or work obligations.
    4. Switching to sponge as the plugin api from spigot just because prism (rollback plugin for griefs) wasn't being developed for spigot anymore, a notification that their would be no more rollbacks on griefing, claim your land if you don't want to be griefed would have been a better solution than ditching what the player base was used too.
    5. With the switch to sponge hurt the events program a bit, We had awesome turnouts when i was EC when we had Survival games and Bow warfare with Saturday Night Fight Club. I know after time events picked back up with the awesome efforts of Daa, Tea, Aqua and a few others
    6. Events that were tested during Guinea Pig night that were a blast that never were used in regular events like Rabbit ball and a couple of others.
    7. The termination of impromptu events like Attack on Townworld that were a blast.
    8. Greed had a tendency to turn people off of running shops and participation in the economy.
    9. Lack of someone overseeing the economy (economy manager) to make sure prices were at fair levels (undercutting and overpricing)
    10. Splitting the player base with Skyblock, FTB (which i became a huge fan of), and survival.

    Now that is off my chest. I don't want to see MC die off. I had lots of fun playing. I know new games have taken up peoples time including mine. I think if we all (community as a whole) put our heads together we can try and get back some of what has been lost. It may take some time and effort, but i do have hope. Maybe this is something at the next community meeting that should be mentioned. I know my efforts with PUBG have been diminished with the ability of anyone being able to create custom games, @Jade @Foxy If you need any help, I would be willing to assist if needed. Don't hesitate to ask.
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    First of all I'd like to thank everyone for voice on this, this helps everyone.

    I'd like to throw a couple ideas into the mix and see if people would be interested.

    1). A long time ago I introduced 'Kingdoms' some players. As short as I can put's a game-mode that has two teams (atm I had 36 people interested and two teams seemed best, if we got more the reset would add in another team). Each team would get different kits that would support their team of offense and defense. For those who'd want to not fight or work on their own would be in a 'traveling merchant' group in the middle of the map, this area would be a no pvp zone and could trade with both teams. Since I couldn't find good plugins for this it kind of pooped itself. Still have the info on it so if people like the idea I can work on it again

    Then MrDark wouldn't stop complaining about skyblock and I thought 'people seemed to like it' and at the time we had a lot of people on factions. So I took skyblock and factions and gave them nachos and wine and poof I got an idea. But then we got a skyblock server and I stopped working on it...

    My last and almost finished idea was to blend all my favorite things into a game-mode
    -PVP areas
    -Adventure quests
    -Optional storyline

    *You can get dragon eggs via trading/buying but it would be way easier to get at events
    *There would be a single player area for those not wanting to be on a team
    *There would be an end...the team that finishes the whole team challenge would win and the map would restart

    If you want I can share more information
    If this was hard to read I'm sorry XD haven't had tea yet...I'll edit when I get tea in my blood

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    I have read all this keeping in touch as this is something that still has importance I wanted to throw some feedback of my own from a few. I coming from a setup dev and co-owner of another server long ago I do understand some things can be tricky but there was always a way. Something many may not think just because a plugin is built for 1.7 doesnt mean it wont work for 1.14 i know that with some like rollback plugins may be different since block id's and new blocks were added there are other roll back plugins. My favorite roll back and greif prevention plugin is called Core Protect still up to date with the latest minecraft release under Spigot its now called Core Protect 2. Spigot is a long time friend of mine for the vast array of plugins and how most out of date plugins can still function for instance I was working on before I shut my server down upon loss of interest a Farming Server built to where you make a farm and sell the product for money to afford the next rank. I used PEX to assign the economy but to simplify using PEX I had used an old plugin EasyPex by KingFaris10 made way back in 2013 it just took PEX and dumbed it down super easy to use much like Group Manager but you lost no functionality of PEX.
    I know this is a slightly geeky post coming from a old setup Dev. As Ark had said people need a mile stone and rewards a reason to grind to get to the top, but as CrossCheck said splitting the playerbase is not always wise when its not big I have witnessed servers die out from that. I propose the best way to add something new for instance a farming server since its simply just a twist on survival to remake the survival world. I would for sure poll the audience first and maybe even offer them a World Edit print of there base to put in the new world so they dont lose the progress. Add a shop for every item and ranked shops easy to do with World Guard time consuming but not too hard. I have personally seen it done a couple way with the shops. Either make every block free or make them cost something again poll the audience. If the server is full of people like myself that love to build free blocks be sweet but otherwise have e mine for it. I recommend removing the mining world because its drag on the server and the map is endless let people carve there way around the map it makes it fun.
    While I do like Tea's idea I will say 1 thing about Kingdoms and how they end up turning out. They become a big grind and you end up with teams lop sided as people get bored they fade away the Kingdoms really requires that player base constantly to be any fun while it be awesome down the road there needs to be focus on things that dont require other people but still is rewarding and exciting which is why i bring up farming instead of prison because farming servers are more unique there are not as many these days and they always are a need for more of them trust me the ones left all ended up with a lop sided team that is corrupt.
    Moral of the point.
    Give people freedom to do what they want and a grind to pursue.

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    Here is the problem.

    We've polled what people want. They want teams, comp, and some kind of pvp. That's what lead to factions. We have other servers to go to if people don't want to team. Since March of 2018 I've been trying to find/make where people can do both team or play on their own with out one thing out balancing's been hard

    We have the mineworld because we have an unwritten rule about keeping the server look nice. You haven't been on with a lot of the regulars and their ocd of getting upset because we didn't have a mineworld and someone destroyed the whole desert because they wanted to lvl up their mcmmo or take out a layer of mesa because they wanted a certain color. We also have players that grind so hard that they could mine out the whole map in a week leaving nothing for anyone else.

    This might also be for the rotation, changing maps/servers every 6 months. We need servers that last more 2 months...

    Everything everyone has said would be great, but would take forever to get up. I don't want to hear 'it's easy' because it might be. We have everything for events in 1.12, everything is done...prizes, games, schedule...but we haven't had events in 5+ months because things haven't been signed off and we haven't gotten a meeting with the whole team. We have been a bit scattered lately. We are trying the hardest we can to get ourselves together and work this out, we're all on a different page atm.
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