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    Default January Community Newsletter

    January Community Newsletter
    2/14/19 | Artist: Fwuzzy | Writer: CloudOnPC, Blazey, xValence | Editor: xValence | #january #newsletter #edgegamers

    As the first month of 2019 ends, end of Winter gets closer. During the month of February, there are some events to look forward for some such as Superbowl Sunday and Valentines Day. Here at EdgeGamers, we find it important to review and reflect over what happened during the previous month, this newsletter contains all the highlights that has occurred in January 2019 at EdgeGamers. This includes Leadership additions, Member of the Year for each supported game, admin retraining, exciting events, community news, and so much more!

    Update on the Admin Retraining that happened.

    CS Leadership had some changes.

    TehRaddish received December's Community Spotlight.

    Things to look forward to in 2019.

    Episode 1 of the Nameless Podcast was released.

    Frag of the Month has finally started.

    MS launched their Event Coordinator System.

    The winners of the GTA Recruitment Contest were announced.

    There was a Community Meeting held on January 6th.

    In case you missed the meeting on the 6th.

    The 2018 Members of the Year were announced.

    A Royal Rumble was held on January 11th.

    There were technical difficulties with the website.

    Another episode of Meet the Leadership was released featuring Mayhem Death.

    Did you miss last month's Newsletter?

    2018 Members of the Years were announced!

    KPTSR918 is the 2018 BF Member of the Year.

    Grand Theft Auto V
    Jack L promoted to Event Coordinator Manager.

    Interested in helping out? Learn more here!

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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    MS 1-14-2019

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