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    Default Twisted 2Fort Tuesday

    eGO Event Server


    9PM EST / 8PM CST / 6PM PST

    Join us for an alternative version of 2Fort. It will be the new and improved Ruined 2Fort.

    It is now eGO branded with all the problems fixed and a new intel room

    So come join us for sniping, back stabbing, turtling 2Fort travails

    Join us in Team Speak for the full experience

    To receive news on current and upcoming events, join our Steam group
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7A5A View Post
    "new and improved ruined 2fort" sounds fun
    I love this map!

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    - Improved water throughout the level
    - Added clipping to things throughout the level
    - Added EdgeGamers Organization to intro text.
    - Added EdgeGamers logo to the level.
    - Redesigned the intel room.
    - Fixed some overlay issues.
    - Extended the exterior fences.
    - Altered the structures behind the waterfalls.
    - Added team specific health & ammo kits in the intel rooms.
    - Added new rooms that open up in the intel rooms.
    - Patched some possible exploits throughout the level.
    - Patched exposed no draw throughout the level that was missed.
    - Removed spawn protection on main and secondary spawns.
    - Increased the speed of all metal grate doors by 300.
    - Changed the functionality of all doors throughout the level.
    - Added new exceptions on flag capture.
    - Added team specific glow to team restricted health and ammo kits.
    - Added props and detail under the bridge.
    - Added extra detail in some areas of the map.
    - Added new torches throughout the level in darker areas.
    - Increased environmental lighting by 55 and ambient lighting by 35.
    - Added sound indicator in the intel room when the side room opens up.
    - Fixed grass sprites that was supposed to work in the B1 release.
    - Altered global fog and shadow values.
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