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    Face paced fun time and frequent wins with the boys @jordy and @Monkey

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    No. I have no interest in playing another battle royale game. The genre is already old and worn out for me. I haven't even seen gameplay on the game.
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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    Actually, I am considering playing it. lol
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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    Played it a bit, I think I can say now.... looking for a gun is what I hate about these Battle Royale games lol.. I'll probably only play it with friends or if I'm super bored

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    Super fun game. This has been the most fun Ive had in a BR since PUBG came out. By far the best launch of a game with only having real connectivity issues recently. It feels like an actual triple A title while staying free-to-play.

    Grab a couple friends and give this game a try, its worth it.

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    super fun 10/10
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    It is a great game, very few glitches/crashes.

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    It's downloaded and I might have time today to give it a shot.
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    Any plans to incorporate this game into the community? Although I'm inactive, I've been playing this game very often!
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