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    Hey guys I used to play alot on DoD:S, I am just curious if any of you are interested in playing overwatch with me! I haven't placed this season yet but I was low plat last time I checked last season. If any of you want to play let me know! Also is it fine to post my username with the numbers at the end of it on this forum? Hope to see you guys soon!
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    Privet tovarish. My name is Nicolas and I am russian male prostitute. I love overwatch very much and I am currently silver. I could be higher but to afford internet i must spend more time selling my body. If you could purchase some time for me I would very much pleasure you. Or we could duo queue competitive so I can get higher rank. Thank you.
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    I'm dying right now haha @Spathika
    @smiths11 post your Battle Net Here instead

    I'll probably be more available after this week, but I'm not like Diamond level or anything (Silver pleb for life)

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    Privet drug! I have long been seeking someone with your skillset to carry me in overwatch. My SR is 700 right now, so you don't even have to worry about your ping (most of us don't know how to move our characters). I just turned 14 and don't have much money, but my mom says she can give me more allowance when I mow the lawn this weekend. Can I add you then?

    Reaper main btw
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    [DS] =(eGO)= Minty : :D
    :D has joined the game.
    [DS] =(eGO)= Minty : :o

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