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    Default Running away from MFK

    When someone sprays stack T's run because they don't want to get freekilled. However when they try to avoid freekillers that are spraying stack they get killed for it. So basically T's have no control on surviving.

    I think we should change this rule. T's are allowed to run away from MFK.

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    @carter227 made a thread about it before. It went a long the way of "Ct's shouldn't be killing players who are running away from a stack spray", from what I know certain admins would swap them.

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    The ct's should not be killing you for running away from a stack spray.

    It is common knowledge that if someone starts spraying a stack that you can go try and unstack to stay alive. If I'm on and see a ct doing this then I would personally swap or ban them for Disruption. The whole point of Ct's is not to get kills, but to help the warden manage and control the T's.
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    It is common sense. If someone is spraying the stack, then it is natural that the player will disperse. If people are getting killed for that, then they'll be addressed by the admins.


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