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    Question What's your favorite T weapon?

    So... I got bored one day on TTT, and only one other person was on with me, so I decided to play with the T weapons. And eventually, that got me thinking about favorites...

    So here's the question: Out of the ones on the server or that used to be on the server, What's your favorite T weapon?

    My personal favorite is probably the chicken egg... Are they super practical in a gun fight? No. Are they fun to use? Completely. Are they perfect for the long game? Absolutely... if you aren't found that is. I use them mainly because each chicken drops a new egg every minute or so, and the chances of spawning multiple chickens with 1 egg so you can eventually have a farm of infinite chickens if you play your cards right. Plus, They do 33 damage for every direct hit, and I think more if you add their death explosion. Really fun weapon that I hope stays for a long long time.

    and as more reason... this is why I found myself loving the chicken egg again.

    If I figure out how, I'll add the demo I took of the chicken madness later.

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    That looks like a great weapon to annoy the absolute fudge out of people, however mine is till the turtles. Even if I'm the T, if I hear that "Hello!" my heart clench in fear. Plus it's fun hiding them at places :3

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    Gabe is my favorite person on the planet. I aspire to be like him
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    Radar, like Geroj, is also my favorite, but if i had to choose another it honestly would depend on the map. Big, open maps like rooftops are great with the silenced g3sg1, smaller maps I think using the silent fox is better. HOWEVER, nothing beats the knife, especially when i get to use it on KittySnowbells

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symba View Post
    like Geroj, is also my favorite,
    Thank you.
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    Gabe is my favorite person on the planet. I aspire to be like him
    =(e)= Sometime in 2016
    =(eG)= I can't remember
    =(eGO)= Tuesday?

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    I personally like the harpoon on most maps, I like making people trust me then harpooning them across the map :D but if it was a larger and more open map then I would much prefer the disguiser to hide myself while sniping cause I suck so much xD

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    Dragon Elites will always have a special place in my heart. <3
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