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    Default Looking for new headset

    So for the last 3+ years ive been using the Plantronics Gamecom 777 to play games. Ive been hearing great things about the HyperX Cloud headsets. So I have a few questions.

    First off, if you current have one of these headsets, what are the pros & cons of it? Second off, once I order a headset to replace my current one, I would like to sell my Gamecom 777 in the group. The issue I have is that I have really only found 1 headset on ebay that is also used for like $35. Now bare in mind that this version comes with a usb adapter, which I just found while in the process of moving and looking for other stuff. The adapter itself is brand new (never needed it to begin with) while the headset does have typical wear from being moved multiple times, but overall very well taken care of. I am fully aware that a lot of members in the community dont have a headset, so once I do upgrade I will gladly sell it to the first person interested in here (I will gladly take photos of the headset for those really interested in purchasing it).

    To the admins, I apologize in advance if part of the post breaks any rules here in the forums as ive never attempted to sell anything here in the past.
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    I don't have experience with these models, but, was curious if you had considered using a mic + good headphones instead of a headset combo. I haven't had a good mic in a while but I went to using good Sennheiser headphones and it was leagues above anything else for quality.

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    I recently bought the Steelseries Arctis 5 2019 edition and they are pretty good. Cost me 90 and seem decent for the price. Solid build, good mic quality and an external dial that lets you change in game and out of game audio up or down separately.

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    Bought the HyperX Cloud II. The headphones are good, but the mic continuously cuts out for some odd reason. I plugged it a bit different now so I will see if it keeps on cutting.

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    The detachable mic instead of a swivel mic is the only reason I hated the cloud 2s and went with sennheiser game zeros instead.

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    I gave up on headsets years ago. Got tired of having to replace $100 plus headsets every time a channel died or the simply just broke due to wear and tear. Unless it uses a 3.5 jack, sound quality tends to be stifled with USB headsets. Wireless headsets don't even come close to the sound quality from a headset/headphones with a 3.5 jack. Volume output isn't as robust. I currently use an ICE Snowball with JVC XXplosive headphones ($45). Pleased with the sound quality and build quality. They are extremely comfortable and extremely durable. lost count of how many times they have dropped on the floor. (i have kids that use them too). My snowball is connected to a desktop mic boom. Just my thoughts.

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    Go for Corsair 100%. Make solid colors, decent mics, the one negative is that some of the mics pick up a lot of sound meaning, your friends could possibly hear your gameplay. But that could easily be adjusted with the volume or getting a more expensive sound proofing one.
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