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    Lightbulb Insurgency: the building of a new division

    Hey guys,

    As some of you may know Insurgency was once a great division within eGO. We managed to fill our servers daily, host events like Tactical Squad, we just had major fun on maps like sinjar, almaden, baghdad... good old days.

    It is time we start again ! Insurgency: Sandstorm is still a very tactical oriented, medium pace FPS ! It can also be a playground for many rush enthusiasts and other hardcore enthusiasts

    I'm looking for people ready to help me out create a Fast Fill team for Insurgency: it's pretty easy since most servers fill up quite rapdily when 4/32. I'll be here most of the time trying to get them filled anyway so if you can let your PC running, come AFK on our servers !

    I'm also looking for recruiters to help me build physically a group of international players to have people connecting on our servers, instead of random servers. The more the merrier ! A LOT of people are looking for a community on this game, really.

    I'm also keen on rebuilding the Tactical Squad back, which in the first place was an idea originating from me while on INSmod division: Tactical oriented people who use their microphone very usefully, brainstorming on each map about positions and how to cross them. Scrims?

    Add me on steam if you're interested, meet me on Teamspeak, let's do this !

    Let's build Insurgency division back !


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    Alright guys, this one is easy ! There's been an update on the game, community servers have been ameliorated in stability, back on the field !

    Let's try to keep =(eGO)= | Push | NYC | full as much as possible I'll be seeding when not playing.

    Don't leave a brother out there, give me some of that good ol' eGO love


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    BROO I am down to play sometime I remember you and CAPY from back in the day when hammer was our DL literally over 10 years ago haha
    Old school eGO dude.

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    Awesome to see you guys! I have been trying to get the old team back together and we have seen some of the ugly old mugs coming back for some frags.

    The new server is online so come join us.
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    Damn @joshcash , you're bringing up real good memories. When I used to kill hundreds of people on Almaden....

    The server runs smoothly guys, come join us and let's have some fun !!
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    so i can i convert to Insurgency ? i'm on it almost 24/7 ?

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