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    Default (FiveM) Tattoo Removal

    Yeah, getting a giant tattoo of a crawfish thing on my back wasn't the best idea. It would be cool if there was an option to remove tattoos, hopefully that's something that can be added.
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    There hasn't been an update to the script to remove tattoos. I can remove yours through the DB if you wish.


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    @Summer could you possibly remove my tattoos for me. another thing maybe we can have a forum post/thread under the gta section where people can request tattoos be removed.
    Funniest things i have heard Summer say :
    “ ma'am ma'am! I know you look like a golf cart but that doesn't mean you can be a golf cart”
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    “So what do you think of his uh...banana”
    “Grandpa! Where is your pants!”
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