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    Lightbulb Apply for Media Team [OPEN]

    Application Status

    - Writer [OPEN]
    - Graphic Artist [OPEN]
    - Video Editor [OPEN]
    - Video Recorder [CLOSED]
    - Interviewer [CLOSED]
    - Social Media [CLOSED]

    Eligibility Requirements

    - Must be at least an =(e)= or higher
    - Must be experienced in the position you are applying for
    - Must be active on TeamSpeak

    What is Media?

    The Media Team handles communication through different aspects of the community.
    • Writers
      -Help publish various news posts across different platforms through writing articles.
    • Graphic Artists
      -Assist with the design of posts and uphold the standard eGO has been built upon.
    • Video Editors
      -Responsible for creating, editing, and publishing videos for our YouTube.
    • Video Recorders
      -Tasked with recording footage from one of our servers, an event, etc.
    • Interviewers
      -Provide commentary throughout various projects.
    • Social Media
      -Promote EdgeGamers through our social medias.

    Application Format

    Simply fill out the application in the link below. A Media Manager will message you with updates on the status of your application and what to do next.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Media Leadership and they will be glad to help you anyway they can.
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