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    Default December Community Spotlight

    Community Spotlight of December
    1/21/19 | Artist: Coder | Writer: xValence, Arbiter | #edgegamers #spotlight #winner

    Community Spotlight is a program that "shines a light" on our best and brightest members each month.
    From now on, every two months, one member, who has gone above and beyond expectations, will be given center stage.

    Our first bi-monthly Community Spotlight recipient has been decided.

    @TehRaddish, congratulations!

    TehRaddish received several comments of praise from his peers. Below are some of the highlights we've picked out that summarize who he is as a character:

    "This is someone who is extremely active on the forums. On top of this he is a Event Coordinator and has some really great events that people love to join in on."

    "Outstanding Admin, Great EC, and amazing teacher"

    "[He is] constantly striving to make sure the server rules are followed while everyone is having an enjoyable time."

    "A truly selfless individual and the nicest admin I've had the pleasure of meeting"

    "He always is there to talk when I feel I've been wronged in game. Such a great guy!!"

    TehRaddish, it is our privilege to bestow upon you, the first Community Spotlight medal!

    Congratulations again. Thank you for being a shining example of what we all strive to achieve. Your contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed! Your additional perks are below.

    2 months of Dedicated Supporter
    Custom Community Spotlight TS Rank
    Custom Community Spotlight Discord Rank
    Listed on “Community Spotlight” info page on website
    Entry into Community Spotlight Raffle
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    ~ Andrew <3
    Steam | Twitter | Tumblr | Information | Discord: Andrew#2659 | Hisssssssss

    Member Services, Admin Training Manager
    Media Team, Video Editor
    Los Santos County Police Department, Staff Sergeant of Patrol
    Los Santos Fire Department, Volunteer Firefighter
    San Andreas Communications Centre, Telecommunications Officer

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    Congrats Raddish!
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    Congrats keep up the good work

    @Coder SWEET PIC!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations @TehRaddish
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    Shadowplay or it didn't happen

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