Someone came to me and was really angry because they heard people talking about GMod closing and all those people could say was, "Well, it's not my fault. I was burnt out on the game. I haven't wanted to play for months. It's everybody else's fault for it dying."

This is a term in psychology called deflection. Instead of accepting blame, like we should all be doing, you're trying to deflect it onto people that were actually here and cared enough to fill the server and try to recruit DESPITE the fact that we were burnt out and wanted to do other things. Were you aware that I was burnt out on Garry's Mod for a while after gaining 3000 from our servers by lots of testing and lots of filling? I still found time every week to get in the server for a few hours a day or an hour every day some weeks. Many others did the same as me.

When you go off into your friend groups and discuss who to blame for Garry's Mod coming to a close, just sit there and think about what YOU did for Garry's Mod honestly in relation to what others did. I was a leader for Garry's Mod for 5 years. I was trying to recruit and fill ALONE most days. Yet, when it comes up in conversation, I don't deflect blame because I did what I could by trying to provide incentive for filling and recruiting. I couldn't stay interested. You all couldn't stay interested. It's not the fault of one group of people. It's the fault of every single person in Garry's Mod.

This was not inevitable. This could of been prevented, but so many of us fell victim to the Bystander Effect (when you look at a problem and say to yourself, "Someone else will take care of that, so I don't have to"). If you see a problem, take the initiative and be the solution. This doesn't go for just Garry's Mod, but life as well.

Don't be a bystander of a problem. If you're not willing to be part of the solution, you're part of the problem. You have to accept blame at some point.

On another note, stop posting in these forums so they can be archived. We've already made the decision to close our doors from lack of support. No point in trying to keep a part of it alive. It's time we move on to bigger and better things.

So, until we meet again, goodbye.