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    Default Edge Gamers Survivor Games!

    The Edge Gamers Survivor Games have begun!
    I used to host forums games on Prestige Gaming, which was positively received and fun to check up on from time to time during our daily life.
    Survivor Simulator is a game which can be played on the forums, where events happen, people get voted off and where one winner takes it all, and it's completely randomized!
    Vote on the poll on how fast you want to be updated about the next Episode, once every day(Popular Choice) or once every week!
    All spots have been taken! If you missed your chance to sign up, wait for next season to start!
    To sign up, just type in the comments section "", and your name will be added in, if you want you can also list the names of your friends to sign them up, first come - first serve!
    Each Tribe will consist of 8 people.

    Survivor Borneo

    1. EpicFlamingos
    1. TehRaddish
    2. ApexLock
    2. Ere
    3. Mayhem Death
    3. Corrupted
    4. Light Souls
    4. Fondy
    5. Jacko
    5. DeaG
    6. Famoose
    6. Cascsiany
    7. Polack
    7. BeastTheNinja
    8. Ryo5678
    8. H2O
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    @peloc @Tipcup for Tagi Tribe!
    Let the games begin!
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    Neat game !
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    *DEAD* =(eGO)= Ashley : Yeah I am quite ugly

    =(eG)=™ Shadow19 : i wish i could be an eyebrow of zac effron

    (ADMINS) =(eGO)=™ Average @ Best: crazyrockets! I've got great news!
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)=™ Ashley' <3: you're demoted!

    [SM] =(eGO)=™ Dew of the Mtn Type: Kicked =(eGO)=™ Ashley'<3 ƒαмoμs (Reason: "Treason")
    Player =(eGO)=™ Ashley'<3 ƒαмoμs left the game ("Treason")

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    First time playing this, we shall see how it goes. I'm excited!
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    League of Legends
    EU West: iDxwn

    Me when I'm offline. Just hoppin.

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