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    ive seen more changes to CS leadership in the past year then I have in like the 5 years I was active.

    there needs to be some law and
    Read the hatred deep within my eyes and bow to me.
    Pain is my reward, I become Majesty.
    God turned water into wine, I turn wine into flesh.
    God reanimates the dead, I make them scream out their rage.
    The strangled, burnt, and tortured, let God hear your Spells of Death.
    The killed, raped, and stabbed, rise and scream out your hatred.

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    gg, see u on fortnite
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    *insert brick wall of text here*

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    Gonna miss you man. Thank you for everything you have done, for me and the community!
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    =(e)= - 3/25/17
    =(eG)= - 4/16/17
    =(eGO)= - 7/4/17
    EC - 11/12/17[

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    Peace, man. Never got to know you personally, but hopefully we all still see you around.

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    My dude, It was some awesome days, It was an absolute pleasure to have been in the shit with you.
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