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    Hello all Edge Gamers members, I would like to introduce myself as MSI or just called me Steven. I would love to meet the community more and be engaged with all of you on a daily basis! Iím looking forward to having a great experience with all of you!

    ~ MSI
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    Hey @MSI Welcome to eGO! Hope you enjoy your stay my friend


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    Welcome to eGO. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    If you wan't to see a little introduction thread about the majority of the CS community go to this link:
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    League of Legends
    EU West: iDxwn

    Me when I'm offline. Just hoppin.

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    Welcome to EdgeGamers! Our CS community will be glad to have another amazing member join and meet us!

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    Welcome to EdgeGamers! @MSI

    Glad to have you on board, hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to seeing you on the servers!



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    So, motherboards or graphics cards?
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    Main Game is CSGO
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    Addtionally, osu!

    Hit me up for my game IDs

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    Welcome to eGO! Hope to see you on the servers. Enjoy the stay.

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