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    Lightbulb Cheif/Main Guard.

    What do you guys think about adding Cheif/Main Guard role in JB.
    So here me out.At the start of the round when warden is assigned to somone he could have acces to a command like ![Player Name That is a CT/Guard".He would be colored Green.If the warden Passes(Only passes beacuse if he dies i still think there should be a time when somone doesnt pursue warden and ts have a chance to rebel)he would automaticly get Warden.If a warden gives out a command he would also have to follow it like pursuing rebelers and checking cells.But maybe Ts should also follow his command.But warden has the last say if warden says afk freeze he wouldnt be able to say have a freeday.For example if somone has a gun he would be able to tell them to drop it like other guards but it overwrites the command afk freeze if you know what i mean.I dont know why would he be useful but its a cool concept.
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    No. This gets more confusing that whats needed.

    Guards already can tell people to back away when needed. Additional orders that do not serve to protect guards themselves, are going to add more confusion.

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