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    Hey you guys! You all probably don’t know me because I am from the CS GO division. I’m honestly done with csgo because the 25 year olds sitting in the 5 dollar wal-mart chairs keep screaming the N word over and over and overall the Jailbreak community is just toxic.

    Is the GTA division good? I want to get GTA but I have no idea how to play on the server.

    Hope to see you guys around!

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    I hope that you reported whoever was doing that. Just because you are part of a "division" doesnt mean you have to stick to that game. Some of us bounce here and there to different games EdgeGamers has to offer.

    Best place to start if you want to join us is in the information sticky that is above. Should tell you all about the rules which I highly recommend you read them before joining the server for the first time since we are a Roleplaying server. If you have any questions or need help feel free to hit us up in discord/forums/ooc in game.

    Thanks r_cu thanked for this post

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