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Thread: Heyo from Bambi

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    Default Heyo from Bambi

    Yo yo yo boys and girls it's Bambi, finally applied and became part of the eGO Community! Active TTT player on CSGO and excited to meet everyone!
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    Welcome to EdgeGamers Hope to see you soon @IAmBambi enjoy your stay and have fun
    =(e)= 05-13-2018
    =(e)= Removed 06-07-2018
    =(e)= Added back 08-10-2018
    =(eG)= 31-10-2018
    =(eGO)= 1-1-2019

    MS 1-14-2019

    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    Welcome to EdgeGamers! @IAmBambi

    Glad to have you on board, hope you enjoy your stay and see you on the servers!



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    Hi Bambi!

    Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay as a member of eGO! See you on TTT
    Join my Discord server, very active, daily give aways and over 5k members! If you're from Edge-Gamers, you'll be given a special role. Join now!

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    Good to meet you Bambi, welcome to the eGO community!

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    Welcome to eGO! Glad to have you join the greatest game division.

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    Welcome to eGO! Hope to see you on the TTT server sometime. Enjoy the stay!

    Event Coordinator Manager for Member Services
    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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    Hey dude, I hope you remember me since I talk a lot!
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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