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    i dont use ts so if need to be in there to do new admin training you might as well take my admins away... i dont got any time to jump ts and wait 30min retrain my admins so dumb.. you going to lose alot of admin because of this!
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    If our admin hasn't been reset, do we still need to the refresher course?
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    Is this in conjunction with this Sunday's refresher or?

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    I can do your retraining as well, I will be on teamspeak in the Member Services channels as much as possible. It is quick and easy, takes 15-30 mins maybe less.

    If you do not do the retraining then at a certain date your rank will be removed. It can be regained by completing the training. This has already been carried out for all the other divisions.

    Edit: I will be willing to do it on discord too, you need to message me about it first because my discord is set to private.
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