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    Default I'd like to give a award to a special someone...

    Overwatch Member of the Year 2069

    Vox Neutron

    Vox hasn't always been a stellar member of this fantastic organization. In fact he was demoted several times due to his promiscuous and flirtatious behavior to other members in our community. He would be seen constantly engaging in this behavior with members such as USCG Hammer, Mister36 and Raballer. Even though they would say no they couldn't help but feel attracted to Vox. At times he would pursue me out as well, to which I would respectfully decline. But he wouldn't just stop there. No. He sought to be in a relationship with everyone in the community; however, his attractiveness caused a great amount of jealousy that caused a clan wide civil war to see who could take Vox as his own. Hammer in a fit of grief had no choice but to demote his lover and send him to the army in order to make him a better man. After years of vigorous, butt clenching training Vox returned to us as a new man. No longer did he engage in the activity he had before and stayed loyal to his one true love, USCG Hammer. So it is with great honor I present Vox with this Overwatch member of the year award.

    Congratulations my friend! Keep up the good work!

    p.s. "Russo was right" 2017

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    I'm sorry I didn't prepare a speech. Through all my years I never thought I would make it this far. My promiscuity has followed me all my life, but now I'm free. With this award I can finally unclench my cheeks for my one REAL true love. The EGO overwatch division!! #gimmemytagback #isaidnotagbacks
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