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    Default NERF baby D.Va gun obtain!

    And honestly, it looks just as amazingly awesome in hand as it does in screenshots from way back August-ways. Even my massive mitts can comfortably hold it without a problem, and I'm happy to see the breach loading on it isn't something that's constantly open (only opens when you slide the slide back to prep a shot or load).

    Past that? I'm absolutely flabbergasted lil' Hana doesn't rival Widowmaker for headshot damage. Just doing a test shot on my palm got a pretty dang good stinging sensation as the shot ricochet off my hand, hit the floor, and partially rolled under the bed. They are *not* kidding about that 90'/sec exit velocity... And to boot if you want to just display it there's a trigger lock mechanism on the side of the gun just below the slide, so no worrying about your little siblings or whatever accidently shooting it.

    I was hesitant to even toy with the idea of buying the Reaper Hellfire shotgun set (2 guns and an apparently high quality Reaper mask) for $130, but now I'm not sure. If it's even half as good as the D.Va one I very well may have to pull the trigger.

    Oh, and McCree... Well his revolver looks awesome sure, but... um... Come on NERF, a 1 shot revolver you have to reload after every shot...?

    /edited stuff

    Okay, found one irritating thing. It has a small 'button' (lets face it, it's actually just a small piece of plastic sticking up through a hole in the slide) to allow you to clear any jams that may occur during normal use. Deciding to make certain I knew all the ins and outs of the gun, I opted to use it to see how it functioned. And then the fun happened... The slide didn't want to return to its normal forward position after that, having seemingly locked into place back in the loading position. Apparently some have had luck pulling said slide further back to get it back in its default position, but not me. I had to find a phillips head screwdriver and pop the slide off (5 screws holding one side on, a lone one on the other side). After that, I was able to get the slide back into the default position and closed it up once again.

    Irritating, but if you just be cautious and avoid pushing it down while manipulating the slide you shouldn't have a problem.

    Also those dang Reaper shotguns are calling to me. They're apparently really nice from the reviews I've seen.
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