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View Poll Results: How do you feel about advertisements in games?

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  • I like them

    4 2.80%
  • Meh it just a thing there

    58 40.56%
  • Not a fan

    75 52.45%
  • Other (Please explain)

    6 4.20%
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    Default How do you feel about advertisements in games?

    How do you feel about advertisements in games?

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    As long as it's not blatant, I'm fine, but if they're shoving it down your throat, No (Pepsi Man is the exception).
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    I hate them with a burning passion, to the point I will refuse to buy the game.
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    Absolutely despise them, I understand with apps that are free off of play store of apple store but aside from that it's pretty ridiculous.
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    Annoying and a waste of data/ time. But other then that I don't care. Money needs to be made

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    It wholly depends on the situation and game for me. If it's like a racing game where there's advertisements on the cars for their sponsors, well that's something that's going on IRL as well so it doesn't mean much to me. In fact it sort of enhances the atmosphere since it's closer to the actual racing you watch.

    If it's stuff like a FPS with random billboards, I'd heavily prefer they be relevant to the game and not just some random "DRINK JOSTA!!" (points to those who get that reference). Also if the game takes place in, say Spain, I really find it off putting seeing english billboards/whatever in a country that has their own 'official' language.

    If it's stuff like you'd see in a FTP mobile game? Keep it the hell away from anything that I paid money for. Bar none.

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    Might just be dumb but i have never seen any

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    It goes situational. Like if I know some indie dev worked really hard on a game, made it free, and wanted to a put a banner ad on the pause menu, then fine go for it. But if some mainstream conpany charged 30 dollars for the game, and still had those ads, I would not be ok with it.
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    It depends. It would really only bother me if it changed my experience in a negative way
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