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    Question Soldier:76 new gay lore

    gfsda.png Michael Chu, Lead writer of Overwatch, announced on his twitter that Jack (Soldier 76) was in a gay relationship. How do you feel about this? Personally I feel that its a bit forced but its good that they're being progressive, so I'm pretty conflicted.

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    Like acutally who cares if Soldier:76 is gay lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by H20 View Post
    Like acutally who cares if Soldier:76 is gay lol
    Well I'm saying that Overwatch is a pretty massive game and doing something like this could be controversial even though it shouldn't be.

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    I agree sounds forced but who even cares


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    While it caught me off guard (always thought he seemed to have a thing for Ana), it doesn't matter in the slightest to me. All it really meant to me is "Hmmm, so you're saying I have a shot with Ana...?"

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    All this just to please the shippers and fandom.

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