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Thread: And thank you!

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    Default And thank you!

    Thank you guys for making a great community where everyone can play on. Even though there is just one member of the year for each 'supported game'...they wouldn't have gone the extra miles if there wasn't a supportive family behind them and amazing players like you! So I want to thank YOU!

    To the Minecraft Management...
    @Witch_Doctor he has been our saving grace with all the work he's for our server! He deserves pats on the back and lots of cookies <---Thank you Witch
    @Jade who is best Minecraft mom, she has listened to countless hours of me babbling ideas and concerns. She has sternly but kindly handled situations when her admins are having a bad day and aren't professional as they should be *cough* totally not talking about myself >.> but also being a good friend and easy to talk to. Jade is Queen. Thank you Jade
    @Foxy who has kept our servers clean and in check. I can't even count how many times she's been on to restart the server for people who crash it. She is always there to investigate where the lag is from, and shut down trolls. She deserves cookies too <---Thank you Foxy
    @BUTTERLOVER7683 for being the lover of butt-er lol sanks :3

    To my EC team! You guys have been great, though there is more discussion in our meme channel than our EC discussion channel...................we have been a close family and have lots of fun coming up with events and projects that are too much to handle. To @Aquafina water bottle for being an awesome boss and fixing all our events! I guess to @MrDark for being weird. @Ico for being the collected/reasonable/well-informed one. @jamboree_lee for being our sunshine and joyful ball of unicorn love <333

    Thank you @Dez. You have been my biggest support. Even though you would rather be playing TF2, you have been on Minecraft to help me write countless signs, pick up my items, protect me from phantoms, and harvest my 400 sugar cane <3.

    And last but not least...all of you! Minecraft guys are the reason I work my hardest on events and economy, without you there would be no Minecraft server. A community that I truly love. For those who know my situation, you guys have been so accepting and have gone as far as leveling the playing field. There is no other community like that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you all.
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    <3 u 2 T

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