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    Default Update 0.8.0 PTS Review/ Changelog

    Well, it's certainly an interesting update, CV rework and all. I'm still trying to get a bit of footage, so I'll update it as I go.

    Reminder: This is the PTS, and round 2 at that. Expect another round of testing/stat changes before the update. I'm not putting Stats for everything, too much time, might just copy-pasta some stuff. Legitimately just putting my review, .

    Before I start, A bit of disclosure, I'm only running with FULL upgrades, I can't be bothered with stock right now as the first stage will close on Jan 3rd. I'll also post my build for each T10 CV (It's pretty universal to be honest).

    Edit: To save space, I cut all the crap about what loadout the fighters and stuff, I'll just note a line split in like attack aircraft or torp bombers

    EDIT 1/3/19: PTS Closed today, Review on hold until it opens up again.

    Edit 1/7/18: Putting a copy-pasta from Femennenly and Sub_Octavian on the PTS feedback

    1. Long and medium range AA "bubbles" (these flak explosions you're supposed to avoid) currently deal too little damage on PTS. Thanks for your feedback, and you're absolutely right that this needs to change. New settings will be applied soon with PTS update.

    2. Some of you have expressed concerns that AA on all ships will generally be too weak in late game due to heavy HE fire, and that will be especially painful with unlimited planes CVs have. First of all, AA mount HP has already been increased approximately two times across the board. We will continue monitoring this game-play aspect, and apply more changes, if needed.

    3. Another big concern was lack of punishment for CVs because of unlimited plane reserves. Due to p.1, the balance is currently skewed in favor of CVs - they simply don't lose enough planes, and thus, don't experience too much penalties. However, unlimited reserves come with cool down for each plane lost, so when AA works as intended, there will be big noticeable difference for a CV that actively sacrifices the planes.

    4. With that in mind, we also see a lot of comments about AA-centered ships that currently lack efficiency on PTS. After AA is fixed in general, these ships will be checked as well. Our goal here is to keep all ships that are famous for their AA capabilities on live server strong in the same niche. Another thing to keep in mind is that with the new concept, close and medium range AA mounts are as important as long ones. AA "auras" now are separate, as opposed to overlapping/stacking that we have now, and additionally, commander skills has changed, and there is no huge DPS modifiers previously available. Long range AA has already been buffed by 15% range to compensate the change, and we will keep paying attention to it.

    5. Unfortunately, any isolated test, be it PTS or Beta, cannot fully reproduce live environment. We will do our best to get good starting balance settings for 0.8.0, but from there, it will definitely require tweaking and polishing. Please don’t treat any balance settings on PTS and further 0.8.0 release final – they are not.

    EDIT 1/11/19: PTS round 2 is up for the weekend, it'll be nice to escape grinding, so i'll be here for a bit.

    Edit 1/13/19: Not too many changes right now, Might be more after this round, but the update is CONFIRMED for Jan 23rd. And free captain respecs as well.

    1/14/19: PTS Closes today, most likely another round of testing, will update then.

    1/17/19: Well, WeeGee delayed the update. Now launching on the 30th instead of the 23rd. With this, a couple things have been extended another week, like: Clan Battles, Snowflakes, In the name of His Highness event, and Mighty Campaign. (Nerves of Steel WILL NOT be avalible after the 25th, so get grinding)

    1/22/19: PTS is Live, I have 6 days, Should be enough time to see the changes. I'll update later.

    Carry on...


    Ok, there are a couple changes, maybe more then a couple.

    AA AURAS NO LONGER OVERLAP. Well, that was pretty loaded, let me explain. Take Seattle's AA, the long range aura has a range of 6.9-3.5km where it will be effective, THEN is switched to mid-range AA at 3.5-2km and finally switched to Short range AA at 2-0.15km.

    Mid and Long range AA now has hit percents (And continuous dmg but just like a bit), so start praying to RNGesus. (Short range is just continuous damage)

    AA Sectors.
    Well, they're sectors for AA DPS, there are 2 sectors, Port, and Starboard respectively. You can buff these sectors by a different amount, also influenced by Manual Fire Control for AA. THERE IS A TIME WHERE YOUR AA WILL BE DISABLED WHILE SHIFTING AA SECTORS. So don't shift AA sectors while under fire.

    Def AA. +100% AA effectiveness, +100% Dmg in AA explosions(Flak).

    AA As a whole: IF YOU MAKE A WRONG MOVE, YOUR PLANES ARE DEAD... So, Not Too OP, Right?

    CVs/Tech Trees

    Well, Let's start with IJN CVs. With all the salt from AP bombs included.

    At T4, Hosho.
    The torp bombers make her soooooo much better, Instead of being "Useable" she's pretty good at her tier, an I would play her more if I wanted to play t4 (Dual Yūbari + CV cancer div anyone?)

    T6, Ryujo.
    So, What's different? You get torp bombers at this tier, upgradeable planes (Yay, Grinding) and a fighter consumable on the planes. I found her to be pretty fun as an entry CV, Hosho just sucks compared to Ryujo.

    T8 Shokaku
    The fighters are a nice upgrade from Ryujo, the multi-strike capability is nice too. The dives are very potent against German BBs. Not much else to say about her.

    T10 Hakuryu.
    Being able to stealth torp with full concealment planes is sweet. I personally don't like the dive bombers in general, but she is pretty fun regardless.

    Upgraded Tops 1: 6km torps with a 604m arming distance and 2 per attack, 12 per squad

    Upgraded Torps 2: 8km torps with a 1.2km arming distance and 4 per attack, 12 per squad

    My Build: Air Supremacy(1pt), Improved Engine Boost(1pt), Improved Engines(2pt), Aircraft Armor(3pt), Concealment Expert(4pt), Sight stabilization(4pt).

    Jesus, that's a lot of text, now, USN CVs, The gimmick here being a metric ship ton of rockets at high tier.

    T4, Langley (No, you don't escape the cargo ship with a plank on top.)
    Well, Better I guess, Single torp bomber per attack is pretty ok, and the short arming time is sweet. Decent for clubbing still (Well, hopefully).

    T6, Ranger.
    Well, got a couple games in her, not sure what to say other then, "She's pretty damn balanced" or "Jack of all trades, master of none"

    T8, Lexington
    She's good against other Lexingtons and Shokaku, but against Midway and Hakuryu, she sucks(kinda obvious).

    Attack planes 1: 8 rockets per plane, 2000 max dmg per rocket, 2 planes per attack, 8 in squad, horizontal dispersion. Recomended ones

    Attack planes 2: 2 rockets per plane, 5400 max dmg per rocket, 2 planes per atack, 8 in squad, vertical dispersion. I just can't get these to work, if you can work them, more power to you.

    T10, Midway
    All I need to say is "Holy Ship, That many Rockets???!!"

    Upgraded fighters 1: F8F HVAR 127mm, 3 per attack, 12 rocket payload, 12 per squadron, 36 rockets in 1 run, 2000 dmg max per rocket, 33mm of pen, 9% chance of fire.

    Upgraded Fighters 2: F8F Tiny Tim, 3 per attack, 3 rocket payload, 12 per squadron, 9 rockets per atack run, 5400 dmg max per rocket, 68mm of pen, 36% chance of fire.

    Upgraded Torp Bombers: BTD-1's with 3 per attack, 2 torp payload, 9 per squadron.

    My Build: Air Supremacy(1pt), Improved Engines(2pt), Aircraft Armor(3pt), Sight stabilization(4pt), Survivablility Expert(3pt), Improved Engine Boost(1pt), Last Gasp(1pt)

    Ok, CVs as a whole: Bots are easy to kill (Duh), Players, Much harder to kill, CVS ARE NOT OP. So, no, @Houndini They're not going to nuke you. T10 still feels EASY to kill, Just group up, There are plenty of counters to CVs, Just wait for everything to be balanced, You'll live.

    A little gameplay for you.

    Skills And Modules:

    Let's start with the non-cv modules.

    Slot 3: AA guns mod 1: +2 to number of explosions from long-mid range AA. In layman's terms, It adds 2 explosions per salvo of long and mid range AA.

    Slot 6: AA guns mod 2: +15% continuous damage in short, mid, and long range AA auras. +15% damage within AA explosions in mid-long range auras.

    CV Modules:

    Slot 1:
    Air Groups Mod 1: +20% to speed of returning planes
    Slot 2:
    Aircraft Engines Mod 1: +10% boost time
    Slot 3:
    Torpedo Bombers Mod 1: +5s to torp bomber attack time
    Attack Aircraft Mod 1: +2s to Attack Aircraft attack time
    Slot 4:
    (X) Aircraft Mod 2: +15% HP to the respective Aircraft Type (dives, torps, or attacks)
    Slot 5:
    Flight Control Mod 1: -5% to Aircraft restoration time, +3 carrier deck spaces available( +3 planes on deck for each type)
    Concealment Mod 1: Also adds -10% to Squadron detectibility range.
    Slot 6:
    Flight Control Mod 2: +7% cruising speed of aircraft
    Air Groups Mod 2: +10% Aircraft HP

    That's just Modules.

    Skills, I guess:

    T1 Skills:

    Air supremacy: -5% to Aircraft restoration (Get planes back faster after being destroyed)
    Improved Engine Boost: +10% engine boost time
    Last gasp: Restores engine boost on for the final attack run
    Directional Center for Fighters: +1 fighters in catipult squadron, -40% airborne time. (Adds a fighter, reduces duration)

    T2 Skills:

    Improved Engines: +2.5% squadron speed
    Torp acceleration: same as normal, just on aircraft torps as well

    T3 Skills:

    Aircraft Armor: -10% continuous damage from Short-Mid-Long range AA (Not a reduction in dmg in general, just the continuous value)
    Survivability expert: +50 hp per tier for aircraft
    BFT: Adds +10% continuous damage from Short-Mid-Long range AA (Same note as Aircraft Armor)
    Demolition Expert: +1% fire chance from rockets, +5% fire chance from HE bombs

    T4 Skills:

    Sight stabilization: +10% to all aircraft aiming time
    AFT: Adds +15% continuous damage from Mid-Long range AA (Same note as Aircraft Armor)
    Manual AA: -20% reinforcement time for an AA sector, +20% AA reinforcement efficiency
    Concealment Expert: -10% detectability of everything, including planes.

    Shipborne Aircraft:
    Fighters: You get a squadron of fighters to defend your ship from planes, it's pretty funny watching them from a catapult. They behave like fighter squadrons on ships, but has a shorter duration.

    That's enough for now, I need a break, I'll update it later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Houndini View Post
    CVs are 4 pooossys !! Fook'emHound.jpg
    You think you hate them now, after rework you will hate them even more!
    If you aim at nothing, you will achieve just that.

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    CVs are not a issue.. changing the rest of the game for "Dumb" Players is ... if I want extra health and IFHE ..on my GK ,, and 2 planes.. then DAMNIT LET ME!! whats the point of giving me "options" if there is only one path that makes since.. I like diversity.. if a snneky GK .. with full consealment. and good main guns.. finds a GK with Extra health and Full Secondary build.. or 2 DD of the same class with different builds meet!! I like to "build" my ship to my play style.. but now its getting harder to do with the "fixes" last time I heard of a "fix" was to break my dogs.. um.. no puppys.. and the last final solution... um less jews.. so maybe.. we need to just leave things when they are (Good Enough)..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houndini View Post
    if I want extra health and IFHE ..on my GK ,, and 2 planes.. then DAMNIT LET ME!!
    I'm using IFHE on my Massachusetts secondary build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebaron45 View Post
    I'm using IFHE on my Massachusetts secondary build.
    I'm honestly questioning what this has to do with my outdated PTS review. But alright then.

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