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    Red face Music. What Are Some of Your Favorite Songs?

    Honestly, me personally am into any kind of genre of music. Except for Blues/Country music. Sorry I just can't stand it. But obviously if you couldn't tell already. I am a huge fan of Tyler the Creator. I absolutely love his music and his personality is just amazing. Who else is into this kind of music?

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    There is one Country song I like, Country Road...... Take me home....... To the place..... I belong

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    Pretty much any song from twenty one pilots.
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    jeezerman: you know misterboy, its not fun to play the game when people use aimbot
    *DEAD* Killah Zillah : If that was a backstab then I'm a teapot.
    Jade: I take solace in cheese.
    <16:26:26> "Cyclone": are we humans
    <16:26:28> "Cyclone": or are dancer

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    I've been listening to a song called Eldorado by Dave Rodgers (it's Eurobeat).
    I listen to a lot of eurobeat, and I have been since I started watching Initial D. It's pretty good!
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    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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    I've been super into mac miller, NF, blackbear and twenty one pilots lately

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    twenty one pilots is definitely my top. love any song by them. I also love cavetown, Rex Orange County and a lot of other artists but those are my main

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    I just love Nina Simone. Her voice is perfect

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    Some I love:

    Return - Lee Seung Gi
    Eyes, Nose, Lips - Tae Yang
    Music from Mantigames' Strike Force Heroes
    Love Scenario - iKON
    Lyricless songs
    School 2015's Reset - Tiger JK

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