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    Default Grand Theft Auto Server Changelog

    custom Trainjob added ~no job required for this currently

    WIP - Trains, Keypad 8 to delete.

    Mechanic job overhaul to most updated version.
    Map mod removed for Autoshop.
    Multiple DB edits for Mechanic.

    Overhaul on addonpack which was obliterated
    Clean up on folders > some cars removed due to issues.

    Drug spot fixes
    Weight for drugs decreased
    Handcuffing/uncuffing police/ems menu (kinda painful/animations)

    Components with Weapons added/ new shop
    OneSync Perm S1 update ~

    Update on Drug locations/prices

    Player owned shops (Make a small SOP, Name, what you are selling)
    Overhall on MapMods
    Eviction- Sandy/City only apartments.
    Garage- City/Sandy
    Los Santos Transport - Merger for Taxi/Airlines
    Weaponshop Update/Removed same day due to issues. ;(
    GCPhone update/fix (next restart)
    Pillbox main hospital, various script updates/removal / esx_admitted/ambulancejob
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    FBIT replaced
    EMS vehicle order updated

    Horses~ Rideable

    FBI Headquarters on the map.
    EMS vehicles fixes.
    EMS uniform add.

    Bank Robbery script in, must by drill to do it. 8 cops required.
    Hospital beds are now layable
    Umschafter handle fix.

    Holster Disabled due to parachute issues and animation issues

    Pillbox medical is open
    New Interrogation rooms for PD Mission Row
    Revert on Mechanic Shop map (issues with floors/car blowing up)
    Revert on Carwash,LScustom,MecanicJob/shop with removal of shop.

    updated turtles to match all other illegal jobs (mechanic fix as well)
    Turtle meat is called "bagged turtle meat"
    All nonwhitelisted jobs do not get a paycheck due to exploits

    added Pushing cars out of the way shift+e
    holster your guns

    Updating esx_celldoors, streetLabels

    Flatbed3 replaced for non Els truck.

    Mechshop/Lscustoms/locations moved. PD cars nerfed. Still WIP. Mustang/Truck added/replaced fbi

    Added in 6 cars to shop.
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    Black Market Prices reduced on most weapons.

    SecurityJob added
    Security car added
    Turtles brought back.

    drug spots updated
    turtles brought back
    illegal locations moved.

    esx_holdup fixed ~ banks removed for now, 9 locations added for Smash n Grab

    esx_admitted added ~ Medics can admit you into the hospital
    new hospital added (near firestation) St. fieres(sp)

    esx_poaching added ~ Illegal "hunting" job - Mt. Lion pelts/teeth added.
    Drug prices skyrocket ~ Increased.

    Apartment clothes removal fix

    Robberies to Smash n Grab (0,80) random seconds. More locations

    Update Artifact S3 ~~5/12 version - Latest

    New Phone system
    Above head Player IDs moved to F9 instead of 9
    F1 in jail doesn't work (no twittering in jail you criminals)
    /twt does not work but prompts you to make a twitter account.
    Chthulhu church added/ VK interiors updated

    esx_computer bug fixed (gps fixed)
    8GBs Ram > 16 GB Ram

    Illegal Jobs implemented : Drug Dealer/Poacher/Computer Hacker
    Illegal locations moved.
    Legal jobs: Computer Programmer(legal)
    Illegal/Legal jobs sped up, prices down.

    Trailer script added for the weekend for S1,2,3.
    Flatbed added in for the mechanics.

    Hide in the trunk of cars added. Press Y to get in/out of vehicle.

    Trunk inventory updated ~ hopefully fixes the "can't see inside trunk issue"
    esx_sell, removed Mr. Rodger's items
    Pawn shop on Strawberry added for Mr. Rodger's items to pawn off.
    Robbing if they die ~ They can press X now so you can get the things.

    Auto server sided postal code map

    EMS/Police can see color coded blips for on duty purposes (dispatch)

    Commercial Vehicles only for legal jobs storing wise
    Abovehead updated for better visual
    Sunday driver set to false.

    Artifact updated to most recent version ~
    Id numbers are toggled by holding and pressing 9.
    Ambulance/Jailer script code added for ID ^

    esx_spectate fixed to where you can't see person above you.

    Illegal locations moved.

    Added Armory for LSFD.
    Added "G" distress signal for police on phones when people "die"

    esx_spectate for admins removed kick function due to immature modders that don't know how to talk to anyone.

    Artifact update
    DS Plates Implemented

    Added Auto message script that gives EdgeGamers info every 10 minutes or so. ~

    Added new cars to vehicle shop ~
    Various Vehicle fixes.

    Various Dedicated supporter add in request fulfilled.
    GMC dirt texture fix.
    Loading screen black listed music removed/ music replaced.
    Logs for specific commands added

    Ambulance job ranks added ~
    Parachutes added to the Weapon shop
    Fixed Holdup script. ~
    Anchorboat disabled for now

    Essential Mode updated and added es_ui to show cash money with it

    Body kits are only for Emergency Services only.
    Command fixes.

    Home burglary implemented
    GiveCarKeys implemented
    Selling new items to locals (legal/illegal)

    Chop Shop added in Grapeseed.

    Banks/Stores have different number of cops online to rob.
    Paleto bank (client side) alarm goes off when being robbed.

    -Mechanic shop move from Carcer > Adam's Apple. Greenzone moved their as well.
    -Carwash location added to Adam's Apple
    -LSCustom added to Adam's Apple
    -Mechanic Shop added to Adam's Apple

    -Baja handling fix
    -LSFD locations added

    Fixed various handling files for last batch of cars . Added in
    2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    2012 Bentley Continental GT
    2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Volkswagen Beetle Baja Bug
    2018 Honda Civic Type R

    V-day update ~ addon2 folder added with
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
    1965 Chevrolet C10 Pickup
    Nissan Skyline GT-R
    1988 Land Rover
    Ferrari F12
    1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350
    Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

    - Loading Screen pictures/music replaced.
    - Various vehicle modifications (4k textures removed)
    - Added elspolice18 (Police Jeep)
    - Replaced elspolice16 with non els Caprice
    - Increased speed on elspolice14 (CVPI)
    - Fixed a bunch of ytds on cars and peds to help decrease texture loss
    - Replaced FBIT with new Tahoe
    - Added new police station to the beach at the lifeguard station

    -VehicleExtraMenu fixed.

    -Drug locations moved
    -Made jail more miserable
    -PageUp function "working" gives double (known bug)

    -Location for selling your cars back in. Different location.
    -Various DS members add in to Queue.

    -Tasers are more effective

    - Fixed 4k/ytd issues with various SASP vehicles as well as the county's UM Silverado to decrease memory usage.
    - Fixed County PD's State Ped memory usage.
    - Fixed 4k texture on Ford Ambulance
    - Removed ymap that had spaces causing Windows 7 users to crash.
    - Added DS members to Queue

    -Changed name of Casino Cash to VIP
    -Repair Kit prices 1.5k>2k per Mechanic request.
    -Various DS add-ins for Queue
    -Night Club at the Docks has been added with required folders (nightclub/ledtv)

    -Implemented Queue System (testing phase)
    -Sell location for Vehicle Shops have been removed (Will be active randomly throughout the month)

    -Fix to drug location that didn't give a hint
    -New Spectate script/command
    -bobipl updated

    -Fixed issue with the doubling/tripling of inventory items in cars. Oof to you people.
    -CarWhitelist working for approved admins.

    -Added After hours + updated cars to City/Sandy dealerships

    -Impounds/Garage(put back fix) money goes toward Mechanics
    -EMS locations have been updated (added Sandy/Paleto locations to get vehicles/suitup/get medkits)

    -Added DS Perks for those that requested in forums (Plates/Loading Screen)
    -Updated Jobs
    -Hunting Script vamped - Boars instead of bears
    -Hubcap fix.

    -Updated Illegal Activity locations (Imported new drugs too)
    -Added Anchor to boats: Press "." <--period to put anchor down/up
    -Updated Loadscreen playlist

    -Made cop/ems script talk to each other. EMS can cuff/drag/put in and out of vehicle. Cops can uncuff medic cuffs vice versa.
    -VehicleExtraMenu patched.

    -Once the server restarts, Bears instead of deer due to popular vote on discord.

    -Updated Admin commands to show when used in report chat.
    -Broke it and undid it.

    - Fixed a couple 4k textures on FBIT and FBIC
    - Removed Ford Hubcaps to see if it will resolve the oscar-happy-hamper crashes
    - Legal job payouts should have been increased by Summer
    - Speed trap camera prices lowered some more, max fine is $250.
    - LSCustom prices were reduced

    - Removed Christmas ymaps
    - No more Snow ~~

    - Santa came and put in a boat shop
    - Came in and put a boat garage
    - Added in some gas stations for helicopter and boats.
    - Added customs at docks for boats

    - Changed audiohash for police motorcycle
    - Copied over improved Tahoe/FPIU handling from test server
    - Updated SASP ytds (updated numbers done by Bronx)
    - Added custom police rims under the muscle category (possibly causing oscar-happy-hamper crashes)

    - Changed police motorcycle to policeb2 and fixed it's handling
    - Fixed UM Schafter
    - Fixed second livery on 14 charger again
    - Snow fully reimplemented!
    - Messed with handling for elspolice5 a little bit
    - Legal job prices increase till the end of the 24th
    - F3 hides your GPS
    - Trees
    - KPH to MPH on dashcam

    -Changed Airlines jobs grades to not french
    -Fixed Name of server to suggested one
    -Added Doomsday bunkers
    -added iplloader to help with loading props for bunkers
    -added Dashcam mod for police
    -added construction ymap to combat the unknown invisible barrier near oil field
    -Speedlimiter for M , 70 was changed to 68/69 so you don't fail the driving test on the highway.

    -Added Sandy Vehicle Shop(Sandy) buy/sell there
    -Removed from Vehicle Shop(City) cars that are in Sandy
    -Added Mechanic shop if there is no mechanics, buyable repair kits
    -Added script that leaves your engine on when you get out of vehicle
    -Updated els-plus
    -Updated police cars/fixed some civ ones.
    -Updated police job
    -Removed sniperrifle reward from polmav.
    -changed impound in sandy to different location(in sandy)
    -updated esx_sell so that there is a chance you get police called on you (increased price sell) 88% not to get caught.(price is made randomly)
    -updated inventory for trucks to match moonshine
    -updated vehicle inventory for offroad vehicles
    -updated moonshine to where it holds right inventory 90/30/10 increased price by cops online
    -added new voice and status HUD (on bottom of map, talk in purple),
    -Updated streetlabels to hide when in cinema
    -Added Cinema so you can watch at the theater
    -Added buyable/rentable home in Paleto (there is a issue while under the hotub it puts you underwater? minor bug, but she works)
    -Added in Dedicated Supporter Quotes/Custom Plates

    -Apartment weapons storage fixed
    -various PD updates continued from yesterday

    - Major revamp to county pd ped to include removal of 4k textures and addition of ranks of all types.
    - Fixed texture on 14 Charger
    - Fixed size of Shift Commander on 15 Marked Tahoe
    - Added new Tahoe in elspolice5 slot

    - Updated Server Version (artifact) to 931
    - Fixed 4k textures on fedcharger, elsdojvic2, elsshpcamaro, gsptahoe03, and elsdhsumsilver
    - Made some modifications to police locker menu
    - Removed old ped in s_m_y_sheriff_01 and moved the old s_m_y_hwaycop_01 to that slot
    - Added new county police moto ped in s_m_y_hwaycop_01 slot
    - Added SWAT loadout to PIS menu

    - Updated Server Version (Artifact)
    - Added Los Santos County Police Motorycle
    - Added unmarked Schafter for law enforcement
    - Added unmarked 13 Silverado for law enforcement back in
    - Fixed ELS on DOJ/DHS vehicles
    - Fixed fedcharger lighting issue
    - Fixed handling on FBI (now FBIC), FBI2 (now FBIT), and FBIBALLER.
    - Added fedtaurus and fbioffroad vehicles
    - Fisher job now uses the suntrap for better mobility instead of the huge tug.
    - Allowed all county police ranks to spawn all vehicles (officers must still follow vehicle structure)
    - Cruise control should no longer be activated by right bumper on control (RB).

    -House prices lowered
    -Events money given
    -Minor Mechanics edit for lockers
    -DS Quotes, Music, and plates added accordingly

    Reset 12/7/18
    - Seatbelt has been removed.
    - $10000 starting balance in the bank.
    - Spawn point has been moved to the city hall in Rockford Hills.
    - Job center moved inside the city hall.
    - DMV moved to city hall and new route has been established (all translations and terminology should be US/English now).
    - Fast food shops have been created and offer food that will bump your hunger and thirst bars up more.
    - The amount of food you can carry is limited to 20 to promote going to the store more often.
    - Phone background added
    - New loading screen added with numerous songs, skip features, and DS quotes!
    - Animations menu has been translated to understand and includes walking styles.
    - Added Objects Menu that you can hold/push around (F11)
    - Added an accessories menu (z), you must buy the items at the store before you can actually use the options.
    - Added a couple of new properties you can purchase (such as La Fuente Blanca)
    - Added cruise control (Numpad +)
    - Fixed speed limiter being in Km/H, now in MPH.
    - OOC color changed to a dark green, the grey was old.
    - Added farming job and trucker job
    - Respawning to the hospital now removes your cash and items (does not touch the bank),
    - Added custom radio (FlyLo FM) while in a car.
    - Updated all types of scripts to better run on the server.

    - New garage plugin added that allows for better optimization and should remove issues with vehicles being replaced.
    - A variety of new vehicles have been added (no cars were carried over from past server unless requested), some replacing default cars.
    - LC500, Drag Mustang, and Wraith have been eradicated and aren't welcome back.
    - LS Customs has many more options and prices are a bit more increased for upgrades, mainly things like armor, engine, etc.
    - Legion Square garage eradicated and numerous other garages added throughout the city.
    - You can put weapons and dirty money into vehicles now.
    - Added new fuel plugin where you have to get out of the vehicle now.

    Public Safety (Police/Fire/EMS) Features
    - A variety of new vehicles added for County Police and State
    - New ELS plugin added, no longer should bring resource warnings!
    - Added an AI interaction script, more info for cops here.
    - Added a handheld radar gun, more info at the link above.
    - F6 menu now has the vehicle info back and pops info back pretty quickly.
    - F6 menu can now run plates of cars, even if they aren't by the cop.
    - You can now be sent to prison, in addition to the cells, based on what the cops deems necessary.
    - Police bosses can now permanently impound vehicles of other players.

    Illegal Stuff
    - The server will now have a drug of the month, meaning that you can only do one drug during that time.
    - Drug locations have changed and now are hidden, same with money laundering.
    - Drugs can only be sold to AIs now, there is no dedicated sell location. (Press H when up against an AI).
    - Speed radars throughout the city will now crack down on speeders (face recognition ).
    - You must wait 10 seconds while robbing a player for their items to pop up.
    - In addition to the drug of the month, you can also do moonshining (locations are hidden as well).

    Bug Fixes
    - There is now a 15000ms wait on collecting items on jobs, fixing glitch where people would go in and out of it.
    - /skin and delete menu are not openable while dead (resolving glitch that would revive you when changing gender). Please note that the delete menu will freeze your screen if you try to use it while dead (punishment for trying to cheat!).
    - Issue with selling vehicles resolved, you can now sell your cars again.
    - Bug where relogging with a jail time past 1500 would reset it to 1500. Now you will serve all your time plus extra.
    -Car prices lowered
    -Radars removed on Hwy

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