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    This is where common sense as an admin comes in. Don't be afraid to use your powers and say "hey, we got 30 people waiting in the server for your 4 minute LR. finish it up quickly or ill finish it up for you.". boom. done. all you need.

    you dont need a minor rule explaining every little detail about jail. then it just leads to people finding loopsholes in said rules, and then whine and cry abuse and point towards said loophole when they get admined.

    Use your common sense, understand the situation at hand, and use your powers accordingly. if they dont like it, point to rule #11 "Admins have final say in server" if they complain, point to rule #10 "No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server.".

    If youre gonna upset one person for the benefit of the other 29 people on the server. oh well. They should learn theres other people that might want to play too.
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    Here's how I see things,

    1 admin notices a delay and warns the people right away and avoids delay.

    1 admin doesn't notice the delay. I am not gonna lie, there are few obvious things I miss in the server too. In TTT, we have delays nearly every round (especially that one last terrorist). At which case, players ask the admin to warn the said players to not delay. Admin complies and warns the last T not to delay and they move on with appropriate action.

    1 admin notices the delay, doesn't do anything about it. If its repetitive. Ask them the reason or report them to CL with hard evidence. Take your pick.

    1 admin doesn't notice the delay, doesn't do anything upon request. They might just be afk...

    At any case, rules have been clarified regarding this. If you feel the need to step up and warn the last players to not delay, feel free. For those disagreeing have the right tools at their disposal to go about dealing with it.
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    It's a common sense thing. If you see someone delaying the rounds and is being a detriment to the server, deal with it accordingly.

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