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    Default Keep or remove mg_100traps_v4_1?

    This is a rather controversial map, with many either really liking it or really hating it. Please give your thoughts on the map and whether it should be kept or removed. Try and make sure you give reasons for it, posts with either just keep/remove/+1/-1 and nothing else will be disregarded. Thanks!

    Also, posts attacking other people because you don't like their opinion will be removed, don't be that guy. That also includes attacking someone because they don't play on the server therefore their opinion is invalid. Guess what, people can play maps on other servers or by themselves, if they've played it before then their opinion counts.
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    Keep. It's a map where you don't die and have to wait for others, also a lot of people just play the map and talk with each other.

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    I think it should stay because its a hard map but also a good way to learn how to climb and other stuff, you can also learn how to Bhop through most of the stuff, but its pretty, i like and hate the map at the same time for i can rage at a certain stage if i cant beat it, but else it should defently stay because its fun, hard, and sometimes esay if you have played it enough.

    its not really an opinion but just on how i feel like when im on the map

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    Personally I liked my few times playing the map, but once I reached a certain point I was just stuck, I would be attempting the same level for a while and it got boring. This definitely made me want to leave, and I feel this is a problem for other players as well. I am not on the minigames server much at all, but the few times I have and the map was 100traps, there always seems to be a set amount of people leaving after a tiny bit and several just sitting in spectator.

    Im certain that this map has a fan base, but it looks to me personally as a server killer in terms of population. The map is pretty fun and well designed, but some levels you just cant get past no matter how long you try (maybe add something to let you skip levels if there isnt already?).

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    Keep. I understand why some people dislike the map, but it's a semi-challenging map for a handful of players and a real challenge of a map for others. The map is essentially an incredibly long course map and I don't see an issue with keeping it. And even if people don't want to play it they can still play Soccer.

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    Statistically, we should remove it because when the map loads the number of players drops significantly. In layman's terms, it kills the server the majority of the time.

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    Remove. The maps gets more repetitive than any other map. Playing the same levels over and over makes me want to leave. Sure i'll stay for a rotation of it maybe once every few weeks, but thats all I can tolerate. Secondly, the map has like 45 minutes on it's timer. Under no circumstance am I going to stay for that long to wait for another map I like instead of just going and playing another gamemode. These two things make for a bad experience after a while, so it can and will make people leave.

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    Keep it. Some people like. And there is a vote for the people on the server for which map they want to play. It should take care of itself, no?
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    Keep it. If the map is played then it means majority of the server voted for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damon View Post
    Keep it. If the map is played then it means majority of the server voted for it.
    51% is a majority. That's almost half the server gone if the people who dont like it leave. Which happens fairly often.

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