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    Default Dedicated Supporters for GTA💲

    Hello GTA Dedicated Supporters and members!,

    With the Reset live here is some pretty cool perks you guys will have if you support our community through Dedicated Supporter. If you aren't a Dedicated Supporter, join today at this link!!! You will get access to the private DS forums for the request.

    1. The top priority for new request (cars/scripts) as long as they work on the server and LE deems it approved. This is already a thing so please suggest anything in the private Dedicated Supporter forums and we can take a look at it to see if we can add to the reset.

    5. Queue System

    Says it all, get to cut in line from the non DS members if we have a full server going.

    Thank you guys for supporting us!
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    bump ^ I will be going through DS members and adding them to the list I have currently.

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