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    Default PUBG's new winter map, Vikendi, will be on test servers NOW!! Goes live 12/19

    Its been a while but once Vikendi goes live on public servers, I want to try to arrange some Customs. Its been way too long since we played together. Will let you all know when plans are solidified.
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    Watched the trailer during the game awards and it made me wanna hop on PUBG and test it out. Looking forward to some custom game events again

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    That sucks for me not only am i going to miss custom games but computer still broken and got a new job and have rediculus hours now that all i do is work and sleep. I now have a 60hr work week might calm down after the new year since thats when peak season ends. Working at amazon is fun tho
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    wait anyone wanna play pubg?

    When I play Minecraft for to long.

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    Oeps, already have 60 hours on this map

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    Great map, however its a shame optimisation is poor, i have a good feeling this could bring loads of people back to the game. Can't wait for the full release.
    Also im super hyped for dual scoping and the new bizon they should be adding.
    @Bee Bot (666) We should play again some time

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    @Matt i agree, also the footprints add a lot of tactical elements and droppping is way better!
    just hmu when ever, gone this whole weekend till sunday evening.

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    Love vikendi! Best map in the game
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