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    Post Santa's boxes - comparison to last year's boxes

    Link to Reddit post

    At first glance many of you will notice the lack of any Premium Account time in the new containers, which of course sucks. The upcoming addition of the "WoWs-exclusive Premium Account with +65% XP" might have something to do with this. But at a closer look, that is kind of balanced out by new signals, better camo, coal and many more ships. But if you dont care about any of these things and you want Premium Account... my suggestion is to wait for early january, we might again see a sale on it (hopefully no forced bundles tho).

    The list of possible ships obviously has increased a lot, especially Missouri is likely to cause people to buy containers to get her.

    Prices have not really changed at all, a lot of the content has stayed the same. Compared to 2016 i would say they have improved overall and price has actually dropped. Premium Account is replaced by better signals, camos and more ships, especially three rare hightier ships. Those of you who expected to get a lot of PA out of these are disappointed, of course.

    These boxes are a product just like everything else. Value and prices change over time. To expect them to be the same as years ago is naive. Just as the entire game, things change over the years. Some things for good, some for the worse. A 4K TV had a different price years ago. RAM modules had a different price years ago. Not everything keeps getting cheaper and at the same time more valuable to you.

    They removed premium time from the pool of things you can get from this year's santa loot boxes, but now there is coal.
    There are more premium ships available, and it will be possible to attain Missouri, Musashi, kronshtadt in these.

    P.S. When Flamu releases his *biased* loot opening video, play it in the background when you open your loot boxes, for the extra luck from RNG jesus.
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    I miss the premium time. But... I did get a few decent ships. No Gremy though.

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    Who buys 4k TVS? There is so little content in 4k.... Its like buying a Ferrari to drive to the corner store a block away... Stop drinking the Kool-aid. DLP ftw!

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