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View Poll Results: Would you rather be a Jedi Master or Sith Lord?

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  • Jedi Master

    42 39.25%
  • Sith Lord

    45 42.06%
  • Other (Please explain)

    20 18.69%
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    I would go down my own path. I would seek to learn and master both the light and dark sides of the force and seek to balance it. To me it wouldn't be okay to rule the galaxy in a dictatorship fashion, or to just even have power. Except the power to defeat anyone, but I'd use it more to check those who become excessive or abusive with it. I also feel the Jedi are a bit na´ve to have forbid the practice or study of the dark side, and to have all the restrictions during the time of the galactic republic.

    I'm sorry, I love star wars. <3

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    Sith lord!
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    Tick me off and you get a lightsabre up your arse

    This is your shield, come back bearing it or bared on it.

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    Jedi. Yeah, Sith get to be bad and stuff...but Jedi get cool fighters like the Eta-2 and the Delta 7 and Delta 7B. Added to that, if I feel particularly troll like when talking with other beings about a story, if said beings ask if everything is as I said: "It is, from a certain point of view".

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    I'd choose the dark side to learn it's powerful ways and travel under a different code of conduct than the jedi but I'd also not let my self my fully consumed as I'd also want to have jedi training and learn the way's of self healing through meditation.
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