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    Depends on what I want to do on what side.

    If I want to frag out on attack I usually go Zofia or if I want to support, Hibana/Twitch

    If I want to frag out on defense thooo... Normally It's doc or Vigil. If I want to roam, Lesion, and if I want to anchor my pick would normally be rook.

    Twitch is all time fav tho, she's the best waifu.
    Where the comic sans at tho?

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    I LIkE TaChAnkA
    I'm honestly kind of a cinnamon roll

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    this is my favorite and most convenient. can somebody look for how to format an essay? help please

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    I just got this

    Sledge and Vigil underrated

    Sledge: Who doesn't love the hammer
    Vigil: Nice guns
    "Dying is the highest form of ecstasy" Euphoria Episode 2

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    Dokkaebi and Lesion.

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    Ok I just got Caveira and she's actually fun as hell. 100% Cav > Pulse

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    Call me a necromancer for posting here, but I love Rook, Doc, Monty and Ash.

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    bring back this thread? welp my favorite is Mira and fuze, used to play mute instead of mira though

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    Thermite, Glaz, Fuze, Blitz, Mute, Castle, Kapkan.

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