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    "Get out there and use those nades."

    He was never afraid to get out there and battle until the very end. I still miss you're never ending warrior mantra. Rest easy...
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    Wow, sorry to hear this. Please pm me if theres anything i can do.

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    I’m a bit late, but may your soul rest in piece
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    =(e)= 8/12/18

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    Received from Hazel, London's wife, today:


    Thank you for that.
    My Daughter-in-Law has compiled a book of the comments that were made after his death on DOD, I received it this week and I really appreciate all those comments. He really loved that game and the players.
    My love to all on DOD.
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    Artimus... Thanks for that post. He definitely had an impact on many players.

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    Awesome update Artimus!
    =(eGO)= Sturm Bruder -=KK=-

    "'s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who's coming for you. You've always known."

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